Border wall for illegal inmigration


Yes, he is more evil by leaps and bounds. But very few Catholics can see that because they are blinded by the those three issues you just mentioned. All other Christian Issues are forsaken for those three.


How is he more evil? Because he wants to build a wall? My goodness, that hardly constitutes evil. National sovergnity is not an evil venture. Because he doesn’t accept millions of refugees and immigrants? I don’t think that’s immoral because our country cannot accept a massive amount of people and not be able to take care of them.


How do you separate one from the other?

There is a way, actually, and that would be to reform immigration do eliminate any need or advantage to come here illegally. If we were serious about terrorism, this trade-off would be a no brainer.


Exactly this. Even after the law that requires all employees to be checked, some industries are vastly benefiting by keeping a stream of illegal workers available.

That needs to END.


Thanks for straightening me out. Clearly, I was in error.


That might be a good idea for another thread, but if you are going to go on a tirade against Donald Trump, please do it elsewhere. Those who Bad-mouth him for everything, in every way, and everywhere do nothing for anyone’s reputation but there own.



So you obviously have not done any research into this. They have no power. They are not even getting $1 an hour in most cases. Minimum wage aside, it’s CRAZY to say they have any power.

They are seen as completely expendable. Thus, pay rates which fall between 11 and 80 cents.


I suppose being “anti-life, anti-traditional marriage, and anti-Christian” are just minor anomalies in the bigger scheme of things. There is a lot more to it, I guess, than the three little issues of life, marriage and Christianity. Not quite sure what, but there must be something.


I once worked for an Employer who would said vehemently “I will go to jail if need be before I turn in some of my employees I know to be illegal” And he is dead serious. His best Manufacturing employees are the illegal Mexicans. They are always on time, never call in sick, and perform above par compared to the natives…And he said this when someone questioned the status of some of his best employees…Things have changed since then with the new reporting laws and verification laws…And this guy is a die hard Christian…

And I don’t blame him. These illegals the hardest working and most dedicated I’ve ever seen. I’d take 1 illegal over 2 natives any day if I was an employer.


All well and good if they can find a manager who treats them well.

But this is not reality.

Not nearly.

And all those employeers would need to do to keep those workers would be to put them on an HB2 or sponsor their citizenship. Why do they not?


Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You will be amazed at all the Beliefs that are Political Issues. It is not just those 3. All of what we believe as Catholics are Non-Negotiable. For any Catholic to say that any of our beliefs are Negotiable then they really are not Catholic. They are Cafeteria Protestants.


Can’t answer that, I’ve been away from that Company since 2010. I work for the State now… Different world. Have to work with a bunch of Hindu’s now. And put with most of them praying to an image of their particular God on there desktop screen…they will place their hand on the image of their God and pray at the beginning of work and at the end of work…


Eventually, we will be overrun with legal Hindu’s and eventually might have a Hindu POTUS…and a Hindu Majority Senate…Imagine if that ever happens…You imagined things were bad with Obama and I imagined things are bad now with Humpty Trumpty…you have no idea how bad things would be with them in control…


What exactly do you mean? This is just sad, absurd and pretty much a perfect example of racism


ALL of “our beliefs” are “Non-Negotiable?” I am not sure where that is written in the Catechism, but feel free to point it out.

I would think some overarching values take priority over others among “our beliefs,” and that some things take priority over others. Enjoying the benefits of, say, an iPhone, or a steak dinner, or freedom to indulge in sex are not “Non-Negotiable,” whereas the right to life itself, under normal circumstances, is “Non-negotiable.”

Could you, at least, be clear what those OTHER “non-negotiables” actually are that “we” believe in besides “those 3.” I am not arguing that others don’t exist, I am just puzzled by a claim that every Catholic belief is non-negotiable as far as political life in a secular society is concerned.


No not racism. If I had said Indian instead of Hindu, you might have a point. Hindu is A religion of the Indians. There are Protestant and Catholic Indians as well. But the Hindu significantly outnumber the former.


I hate to break it to you, but the US will one day have a woman, a muslim and a homosexual President. And it won’t matter one bit.


But probably not all at once, if that happened, Trump supporters would spontaneously combust :wink:


It can’t possibly be a “perfect example” of racism because Hinduism is not a race, it is a religion.


You mean you believe that “Real Presence” is Negotiable? Show me in the Catechism where it is Non-Negotiable.

And equally show me in the Catechism where it says “Abortion” is Non-Negotiable.

I don’t know about you, but as a Catholic, I know that everything in the Catechism that is taught is Non-Negotiable.

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