Border wall for illegal inmigration


Please don’t quote CNN, they are fake news.

The Vatican does have walls, they are only partly up today for historical reasons I assume, nevertheless, the Vatican was protected by walls in times past and they were constructed with the approval of previous Popes to help protect themselves in certain times.

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it’s you’re not your, and you know nothing about me.


Still waiting for you to articulate exactly what those bridges might be.


I don’t think you’ll be getting an answer to that. They’ve turned to charging others’ grammatical corrections :grin:



I know and can only respond to what you type and the arguments you make here.

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I would settle for a good president (besides the God Emperor Trump of course).

If we ever get to that stage that you so eagerly anticipate, the US will be a shell of itself anyway, a resembling its former glory only in name.

Perhaps we could get a Muslim, transgender, lesbian child of an illegal alien president and then get back to choosing them on the basis of competence instead of which demographic they hail from.


the irony being Trump is the most incompetent person ever to be President, wouldn’t you agree.


That’s a false choice.

We can do both.

He has a chance to be the best yet.


The border wall is going up, we have a decent SCOTUS pick, tax reform is underway, the 2nd Amendment is safe, we have slowed down the invasion of the 3rd world, and American leftists are in a perpetual state of outrage/despair after every tweet. Now just imagine if the GOP was not stabbing him in the back at every turn.


American whites are still “immigrants”, fascinating. By that logic, all the assorted riffraff pouring into the West from the 3rd world will never be truly be part of the West right? They all need to go back anyway.


You know that’s crap. All mankind came from Africa. The difference is the saxons who went from Germany to England, made it their new home. Germany was no longer their homeland
The immigrants that come here are just that, immigrants. To me (immigrant from Armenia) US is just a greener pasture. It’s not my homeland. I would’ve gone to Zimbabwe, if it wasn’t a complete mess.


Weren’t the Europeans who came here riffraff too. I’m sorry I forgot you’re a Red Piller, which means that whites are the best people on earth. But not their women! Women are just stupid thieves.


Then perhaps, based on this you would care to explain what any of this has to do with the actual topic. We can throw out all sorts of interesting facts of about walls, like the Great Wall of China cannot really be seen from space, and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem was built by Herod the Great, but so what?

I thought of another. Walmart is named after founder, Sam Walton and is not a market that sells walls.


The way I look at it, that little tidbit of grammar may be the most useful thing posted here. :older_woman:t2:


If Mexico is so bad that people are leaving it to pursue a better life maybe something like a wall should be put up so Mexico’s government actually does there job.

Besides they could put solar panels on top of it and maybe some wind turbines.

Also we could put those Renaissance freaks to work just a bunch of unhinged dudes in armor and foam swords chasing people back over the wall.


Because CNN was basically trying to call Trump a liar again, which is incorrect, the point being made, is that walls in themselves are clearly not against Catholic teaching as the Vatican and other faithful Catholics in certain times used them.

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I see. I did not get that because it is a straw man. No one has suggested that building a wall is not against Catholic teaching. Some have even built them at their residence for various reasons, and Nehemiah is all about wall-building. No one is thinking walls are sinful.

The question from the poster here concerned a Southern border wall in the United States in the Twenty-first Century. It is more specific.


What makes you state that Trump is incompetent?


If Trump is incompetent, what does that say about HRC? It means that the “most qualified female presidential candidate ever” was soundly beaten by an incompetent man who picked up politics as a hobby last year. :sunglasses:

Besides if illegal aliens are so great for the economy, why can they not stay and help their own economies?


Someone should have told that to your ancestors.

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