Border wall for illegal inmigration


Unless something changed in the past month, I don’t believe that one of our non-negotiables is “being against border walls”. So, yes, it’s okay to believe that a wall is a good idea.

I would much rather we didn’t feel like we need to have a border wall, but countries have the right to set their borders and secure them when there’s a problem, and illegal immigration is certainly a problem. If things were OK in Mexico, I doubt we would be seeing this flow of people trying to get across the border. Until Mexico finds a way to end the corruption in its government and turns the country into a place where people don’t feel they have to flee from, then other countries can hardly be blamed for reacting to the problems it causes.


Most of us here are Christian, though.


“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel,” the Pope told journalists who asked his opinion on Trump’s proposals to halt illegal immigration.
Trump immediately fired back, calling Francis’ comments “disgraceful.”


I would take that more seriously if it was not coming from someone living in a castle guarded by an army of mercenaries.


Of course you would. So do you take Trump’s side over the Pope’s in every single issue?


“Many feel strongly about their Catholic identity but don’t feel obliged to listen to everything the pope says, especially if it doesn’t suit them.”


If the Pope speaks ex cathedra I have to comply. Otherwise I will use my discretion accordingly.

That is what happens when you have a Pope who believes in globalism and liberation theology and then tries to make it a part of Catholicism. You are going to get some pushback from nationalists.



My question requires a simple “yes” or “no”: do you believe the Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ and the successorship of the apostles is passed down through the lineage of the papacy?


In my opinion, no church is 100% right. The fact remains no one knows what happens when one dies, and all we have is today to be kind to one another, empathize with each other, and try to learn together.


That inflammatory meme won’t play well when our days of conquering are over and we are called before the judge.


I didn’t ask if any church was “right” or not. I asked if you believe the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ.


Do you believe the Catholic Church is 100% right, and the only true Church founded by Jesus?


Absolutely, I believe the Catholic Church was one and only Church founded by Jesus Christ.

You still have yet to answer my question, so it looks like you do not believe that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ.


I’m still searching. In an ironic twist, I actually do feel like a Catholic Agnostic if that makes any sense, but it probably doesn’t :slight_smile:


So you are going to chide individuals about their disagreement with the pope on certain issues, even though that is completely permissible by Catholic teaching and orthodoxy.


You will not commit to dogma or doctrine as defined by the magisterial authority of the Church. Interesting.

So your position, to roughly paraphrase your critique of others, is…

@Jamie5 feels “strongly” (stated as: "no church is 100% right) about his Catholic identity but doesn’t feel obliged to listen or assent to everything the magisterium of the Church authoritatively teaches, especially if it doesn’t suit him.”

Your warrant for critiquing others concerning their disagreement with the pope has just evaporated.


Or if one was Catholic.

There will always be a conflict from the Catholic Church with nationalists, just like there are with anyone who promotes some other sin or heresy. Nationalism is diametrically opposed to the universality of the Church. It is an impossible fit within the confines of the teaching of Jesus and the Golden Rule. One can not treat others as they want to be treated while seeing themselves as deserving of exceptionalism.


My guess: they disagree.


I think you need to center your life more around the Eucharist instead of all of your friends. Friends are nice to have, but they are not the center of the universe. God is.


Appeal to authority.

We do not have to agree with everything the Pope says.

There’s more than just nationalists who will be pushing back. There’s more options than nationalism or just letting every one in. As it is, this is a losing argument for the Pope in it’s current form.

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