Border wall for illegal inmigration


It is the truth though. I refuse to let anyone use the alleged crimes of my ancestors as justification for the immolation of my race in the present.


It starts with ‘dear conquered peoples’ is this how you view your fellow Americans? You will get absolutely nowhere by viewing your fellow citizens as ‘conquered peoples’ nor will they get anywhere by viewing their fellow citizens as ‘evil invaders’.

Your American Citizens, not separated by race or ancestry. They either get it together as one United States, or they fall apart as one Divided States.

Which is fair and just, but they would also be fair to say that they refuse to let the alleged ‘conquer’ of their ancestors as justification for the immolation of their race in the present. (And by race I don’t mean religion, sometimes conflated with culture, which is very different, it is not an acceptable part of ones culture or religion to practice human sacrifice for example).

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I can well believe that you refuse those things. So in that sense the meme is true of you. It is not a truth I would be proud of if I were you. Your answer implies that you do not dispute the fact that the meme is anti-Christian. Yet you list your religion as Catholic. Very strange…


Perhaps you can elaborate on these “bridges” to other countries that @Jamie5 says the US is lacking?


These are not alleged crimes. You want law of the jungle for whites and want the rest of the globe to succumb to “laws of nature”. But don’t want the same for “third word riffraff”. Let me give you a cluebat. It was the whites that went around conquering the entire globe and expanding their populations, in process kicking out the natives.
When Pakis live in England that immolation, when English live in Australia, that’s being salt of the earth by the best race, the white race.


Sounds to me like supremacists of all types.

Think they can take a group of people and lock them away in a box forever and swallow the key.


No, that was selfish imperial monarchies. And if you’re so bothered by the alleged success of “whites” in the world, give some credit to theTurks and the “non-white Muslims.” They shut off key trade routes on the silk road and forced Europeans to innovate like never before.

But it should interest you to know that just having light skin doesn’t mean that one is “white”.

PS— African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Native Americans also had large, conquering empires that were actually very cruel compared to what European Christians did in many cases.


No, I just want the myths of white privilege and white guilt to die and to stem the tide of the 3rd world into the West. Just about every race and nation committed atrocities. Only whites are expected to take responsibility for them.

Notice how the whiners do not complain about the infrastructure and tech that was left behind when the big bad white meanies left their nations.


Time for a tid bit from the other side of the ledger, the version of the historical narrative we NEVER seem to hear about because it is always “immolated” before it can make it anywhere near the invidious candle flame of received progressivist history. First 12 minutes.


You are certain you know what other people want and don’t want?


I do understand that people want to preserve their culture. I wouldn’t want my homeland turning into Jamaica or Japan not because they are subhumans polluting the best race (the white race) but because I want to preserve the character of my homeland.
The issue with Red Pillers is that they shrug the shoulders and say “nice guys finish last” when faced the Western Europeans raping and pillaging the globe but when “savages” wanna ruin their bucolic Swiss village with giro stands, it’s the rape of Europe.
I know that Hitler comparisons are considered logical fallacies, but how is that different from Lebensraum. That the entire globe is a doormat for blond people with high IQs.


I’m going by their word. I can’t read minds.


The “rape” of Europe isn’t exactly hyperbole…


Western civilization built the infrastructure for a great part of the globe. Where did Western Europeans find the time for that betwixt all the “raping and pillaging?”

Your narrative is off the deep end.


How does that work if you replace your people with outsiders?

For quite a few Swedish and German women, the rape of Europe is hardly a metaphor.

For starters you could point out where I advocated global conquest.


Huh, and I thought that all crime was the result of straight white male gun owners oppressing everyone else.


Who me? I was hoping to just make jokes for a while. So first:

Then one nun took the glass back to the kitchen. Remembering a bottle of Irish whiskey received as a gift the previous Christmas, she opened and poured a generous amount into the warm milk.
Back at Mother Superior’s bed, she held the glass to her lips. Mother Superior drank a little, then a little more. Before they knew it, she had drunk the whole glass down to the last drop. “Mother”, the nuns pleaded, “Please give us some wisdom before you die.” She raised herself up in bed with a pious look on her face and said, “Don’t sell that cow.”

So, bridges? We already have bridges. Pope Francis never said we didn’t. He said, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel.” If President Trump would have been sharp, instead of talking about literal walls down so Roman streets, he would have jumped on the Pope for mixing his metaphors, something no Jesuit should do. After all, one does not build a bridge over a wall, but a door through it, as in, “One who builds walls and not doors is not Christian.”

But we have bridges, that is, connection both to other countries and to the citizens of other countries. The problem is that instead of moving forward with greater charity and interconnectedness, we are thinking of putting up legal and physical barriers. Building a wall for security purposes may be a waste of money, but it is not wrong. Increasing our isolationism is. That is not just Pope Francis, but all of the past popes, most notably Pope Benedict.

Then we can go on and on about how this impacts immigration, why I am in favor of easier immigration for the majority of people, and how this would aid security; but I think this post is too long as it is.


There is an inverse relationship between birth rates and immigration rates.

When birth rates are lower, immigration rates are higher.

Immigrants help to fill the void created by unnaturally low birth rates.

Population growth has a direct relationship to economic growth. Population growth is good for the economy.

Higher rates of contraception and abortion lead to higher immigration rates.


I think you are confused on this topic.

Immigration rates are controlled by policy and vary much from country to country. There is no natural law at play here that drives up immigration.

The void is a figment of imagination. Perhaps at most you can say a low birth rate country can absorb more immigrants without harm vs a high birth rate country.

Economics is really about standard of living, not the GDP figure. A country with a high birth rate must have a higher GDP just to maintain their standard of living, their economy must outrace the population growth. As example, Japan has both a low birth rate and a low immigration rate. Combined this works for them and they’ve maintained their standard of living in spite of having a growth rate lower than other countries.

Net, a good GDP target for each country must first assess the population growth.


If she was the most pro-Catholic candidate, she’d get my vote.

The views of GLBTQ, Muslims and women may surprise you. I know of quite a few who voted for Donald Trump.

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