Boris Johnson wins race to be Tory leader and PM

I’ll go back to sleep, then.

I can imagine GK as the bloke near the end of Candide who slams the door when Pangloss starts going about ‘all for the best in the best of all possible worlds’.

Are the roots severed?

Are you talking about the UK’s oil tanker? Pictures of the hostage crew appeared in clothing that didn’t seem to be appropriate for the Captain’s Command.

No, it was a little more recondite than that.

But, on the face, simple: people attempting to achieve goals/ends, with no skill or knowledge in what they are doing, adequate to the task.

I often fear that that is the case.

It was a roundabout reference to RMS Titanic. White Star were the company that operated the liner.

Yours was, of course.

Mine, while expressing much the same, was a little more…pointed toward a particular readership.

True, in fairness I’ll give Boris a chance as he deserves that much. The rhetoric may ease down when faced with actually doing the job and the pragmatic nature of being PM. Let’s see how he progresses. However, his past does trouble me, he has been sacked twice for dodgy dealings and his personal life is a hot mess. The latter issue, well that’s been true of plenty of previous British PM’s anyway, but his past dubious behaviour elsewhere doesn’t look promising.

Even for a genuinely skilled politician the challenges of being PM of the United Kingdom are monumental. Not only does the PM have to try to get rid of the inherent economic disadvantages of being outside a trading bloc that, by a very large margin, is its largest trading partner, but said PM has to figure out how maintain the Union due to deep dissatisfaction with the entire Brexist enterprise, particularly in Scotland. Brexit represents an existential threat to the Union, and anything that a majority of Scots view as a threat to their economic and social wellbeing is almost certain to trigger a new referendum, one where I doubt there’s much doubt now as to the ultimate result.

Now perhaps Johnson is just huffing and puffing, but ultimately he has to sit down with the EU and he has to convince Parliament, the large majority of which, regardless of party colours being worn, is very very skeptical of him. Maybe there’s actually a political genius underneath all the bluster and facade, but judging by many Tories’ views of him, I don’t hold out much hope. At the moment he, like Corbyn, are in a sort of brinkmanship over a potential election, in which if the numbers hold out, another hung Parliament that will solve nothing, will be the end result.

And meanwhile the clock is ticking.

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