Boris Nemtsov killing: Supporters march in Moscow


Thousands of people have marched in Moscow to remember Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead outside the Kremlin in

                                           At a time when political rallies and speeches are violently opposed in places in the USA, France, etc. Thousands of anti-Putin demonstrators can march through the streets of Moscow in safety in supposedly totalitarian Russian.


First neutralize opponent, then allow opponent’s supporters to march. And the fellow travelers will call it freedom.


His friends call him Premier Putin, his enemies don’t call him anything because they are all dead


Except that thousands of them were able to march through the streets of Moscow. Something Trump supporters couldn’t do in Berkeley.


When were Trump supporters marching in Berkeley? Who stopped them?


I think it’s a logical conclusion after what happened when Milo Y tried to speak there, anyway we’ll find out on March 4 when there’s a pro-Trump rally scheduled for outside city hall.


Ahh. Just made up.


No the violence was real, just like it was in many cities during last year’s presidential campaign.


Typical. :rolleyes:
The claim was that Trump supporters could not demonstrate in Berkeley; that was made up.

But the “violence was real”. Sure, and it is also true that his real name is Trump. And Berkeley is a real place. There are all sorts of little factoids that are real. But, sorry, they don’t make your claim true.

More and more it is clear that the Trump loyalists see Trump and themselves as like a very weak student who needs to be given partial credit for anything that is not completely wrong.


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