Born Again Christian Experience (For Catholics)


As a born again Christian I will share my story someday but I was just wondering how many born again Christians use this forum and if they would like to share their story of how they became born again.


Please define.


Why not share it now? Why wait?


I’ve never meet a Born Again Christian face to face, as far as I know. Whenever I see what they post on the internet, they all seem to be sincerely convinced that Catholics are not Christians. If you challenge that article of faith, they are quite taken aback, as though they had been unaware, until that moment, that not everyone agrees with it. So, @Learner1969, let me ask you: In your view, are Catholics Christians?


That term ‘Born Again Christian’ is really a misused term. If you were baptized a Cristian you are a Cristian unless you revoke or deny your faith. I guess I could accept a term ‘Awoken’ or Reawoken’ or something similar. But as it says in the O. T “Once a priest always a Priest according to the order of Malkesideck.” Thus I see Baptism in the same manner, once you receive the Sacrament of Baptism you are a Christian no matter how badly or well you practice it.


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Your profile lists your religion as Catholic. Are you seeking feedback from fellow Catholics who have had a “born again” experience? Or are you seeking to connect with non-Catholic Christians?


I was baptized as an infant and attended Catholic grade school, First Communion and all, but it was not until my Junior year in college that I had an awakening that very much felt like a rebirth.


All Christians are born again through the Sacrament of Baptism!


I don’t know if this thread should go in Catholic Living or Non-Catholic Religions. :thinking:

Need our OP to clarify what he’s talking about.


It’s just a label, like so many terms used to designate the different Christian churches. Just because Catholics are not Baptists, it doesn’t mean we reject the sacrament of baptism. Just because we’re not Orthodox, it doesn’t mean our beliefs are unorthodox. Anglicans recite the Apostles’ Creed, “I believe in the Holy Catholic Church,” asserting that they are indeed part of the Catholic Church though not of the Roman Catholic Church. And so on …


Yes, it is ‘just a label’ but we live by labels, don’t we? We really don’t know or understand all the labels that we are tagged with. There should be some thought process as to what labels we want to live and be known by. I really don’t want to be known by some label, but by who and what I am. While many call themselves "Born Again Christians’-and there is nothing wrong with that but do they really understand or know the foundation of the label. I would even dare say that for many Catholics it also is just a label. Yup, I just opened up a can of worms. Salt and pepper anyone?


For nearly 21 years I was Catholic/Christian in name only. (CINO?)


Catholics are Christians we are followers of Christ.

Your profile lists your religion as Catholic. Are you seeking feedback from fellow Catholics who have had a “born again” experience? Or are you seeking to connect with non-Catholic Christians?

Yes I am seeking feedback from fellow Catholics who have had the experience,


There is no such thing as a born again Christian. If you have been baptised as a Christian there is no second baptism to become a different Christian.
We are only born twice. Once from our mother’s womb and then born again in Christ (i.e. baptised a Christian).
I was a baptised Methodist (i.e. a Christian). I converted to the Catholic faith. That does not make me a born again Christian. There was also no second baptism because my Methodist baptism was a valid Christian baptism.


I have never been baptised as a Christian in fact I was never a Christian until I became “born again in Christ”


In this post you are addressing your “fellow Catholics” and thus implicitly describing yourself as a Catholic.
But …

… in this post you tell us you have never been baptized. There seems to be a contradiction here. When someone describes himself as a “Catholic”, it is normally understood that he has been formally received into the Catholic Church, usually by baptism.


As I was raised a Catholic in the south I was ridiculed constantly. Glad I went to Catholic school. Recently moved to TN and I politely refused to go to church with my neighbor she told me to leave Catholic Church immediately because EVERYONE knew the Catholics killed Jesus. I looked stunned and turned and walked back to my home. I was unaware of such ignorance. We don’t speak anymore.


Okay. It would have been handy to have mentioned that in your OP.
However, it is not a correct expression when you say “born again Christian” because that invariably applies to Christians who change their Christian denomination.
It would be better to say born again as a Christian.


Learner, When I am asked when I was Born again, I always reply when I was Baptized as an infant. Everybody in my family was Baptized within two weeks of birth.
Christ told Nicodemus that a man must be born again of Water and Spirit. All Catholics have indeed received gift, this indelible mark.
What is unfortunate, it is that many have put the gift upon a high shelf in back of a closet. They are unaware of the power of the gifts that they have received through the Holy Spirit in Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.
As we continue through life, sometimes we reach a crisis point, we are called to open up those that we have received.
For many outside the Catholic Church, this is what is meant by being Born Again. It is the experience of Cornelius when the Holy Spirit fell upon his household, even though they were Gentiles. What this showed Peter was that the Holy Spirit was open to all peoples. Cornelius and his entire household were then Baptized and added to the Household of God.
Our life as Catholic Christians should be continuous growth of conversion. I accept that you had a dramatic event happen in your life. That you were able to open the gifts of Baptism and Confirmation. In the process, the power of the Holy Spirit has been more fully released in your life.
This is so often the story of the Saints. Continue to grow in that faith.
It is only the beginning.


I had an experience which one might call ‘born again’ but what the Catholics call ‘metanoia’. It’s that moment where you were living one life and begin to live another.

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