Born Again Christian views of Catholic

I am a Catholic and my partner is a Catholic but his parents recently converted to Born again. They are very against the cathloic religion now (although they were once catholic). My partner and I will be marrying in Catholic church, but they refuse to attend as it is a catholic church. Can any one please shed some light on this? We all believe in Jesus Christ, why does our demoniation have to be such an issue? We are not asking them to participate but just be present.

Some born again Christians do not believe Catholics will be saved for we are not “born again” as they define it. Perhaps they feel your denomination will lead you to hell.


Could you be more specific about what denomination or group they belong to?

Bishop Fulton Sheen said that there are only about 100 people in the world who hate the Catholic Church but there are millions who hate what they think is the Catholic Church.

I recently had an argument with a long standing Pentecostal friend who tried to bring down the Church. Every point she brought up I countered with Bible quotes:

*]Nowhere in the bible does it say to confess your sins to a man;
*]Priests sit in confession and take down the juicy bits
*]There is no need of the Church you can pray directly to God
*]Praying to idols
*]Telling me to pray to the Trinity which I pointed out was a Catholic doctrine from 325, before the Pentecostals were thought about

Find out what their objections are and we can give them some Bible quotes. Some of these protestant religions are taught to hate the Catholic Church.

A true Christian would act lovingly, no matter what the denomination, and explain their reasons in a kind way to their child and future spouse. Not a blanket statement-we are against the Catholic faith. For them to have extreme views, something must have happened to them to make them leave, or they have a problem with the Church’s authority, as other posters have stated.
But to miss this wedding, they should at least be a bit more detailed, so you can understand and move forward with them as new family.

For some (like my BIL who taught CCD) had an emotional “born again” experience which pulls them away from the True Faith. And to justify their leaving, feel it necessary to attack their former faith.

Most people (not all though), leave the faith Not for doctrinal or theological reasons, but personal reasons like an emotional experience or a disagreement with Church teachings.

As a convert, I can tell you that not all practicing Catholics really understand the basis of the faith. I can remember many times asking questions while going through RCIA only to hear, “I don’t know, that is just how we have always done things”.

Try sitting down with them and discuss the reasons why they are in their new faith community. Not in a judgmental way, but truly to understand their reasons. Keep in mind though, that some of the “born again” faiths are very persuasive and have a strong influence on their members.

In the end though, you may simply have to tell them that they are invited but the wedding WILL go on as planned and that you and your partner have invited GOD to be the Center of your marriage.

Amazing how hearts may change once the grandchildren start coming:thumbsup:

Good points :thumbsup:

I think converts from Protestantism to The Catholic faith are often able to understand particular Protestant’s perspective.

We should try our best to not let their accussations disrupt our peace in the faith. But sometimes its unavoidable to be raised to anger. As St Peter tells us, we should always be ready to give an account of the faith we have.

I usually try to acknowledge the genuine concern of a misunderstood accussation against the faith. Then provide, both in your own words of understanding AND an official Church refference refuting that false understanding.

But i agree with MaryandJoseph to remain firm in the decission that you are going through with the wedding according the Catholic faith. Jesus told us that he also came bringing division. A mother against daughter, a father against son, etc.

Also, its important to insist on taking one argument at a time, when people level so many attacks at us. Do not worry if you dont have an immediate answer for them. Just share their concern in learning what is the truth of the matter, and share only things you are convicted of, or Confirmed through ways respectable by our Lord.

Just a brief reply…

sounds like they belong to the group that thinks the Church is the “Whore of Babylon”. As such they not only do not consider the Church to be Christian, but actually see it as somewhat satanic. I’ve run into such people and they are very hard to talk with about it.

There is a good chance your soon to be in laws were not well catechized.
As others have suggested try to open some calm dialogue with them - maybe by e-mail to keep emotion out of it.


:thumbsup:…That is a great idea. Its not that you cant talk face to face, but opens a long term (patiently willing) conversation without ruining practical get togethers that can be enjoyed without debating doctrines.

Also giving you time to reseach, contemplate, or pray about the issues.

It’s quite easy to turn many Catholics away from their faith…they don’t understand it themselves…they don’t know the bible…they are lukewarm Catholics at best …sad to say but it’s true…I used to be a Pentecostal years ago and seen it first hand…Catholics are welcomed into the fold like long lost sheep…no wonder they feel loved when they are saved from following the idol worshipping Catholic Church… the Whore of Babylon…and the Anti-Christ…(the Pope)…so you get a glimpse of why your once Catholic future parents-in laws would not dare set foot in place of idol worship.

Often, the first reaction is the hardest. People need time to process things. As others have said, your future parents-in-law have probably been so programed against the Catholic Church that when they first heard you were getting married there, immediately they reacted very strongly. My Mother is an evangelical. When I told her I was converting, it wasn’t pretty, lol. But, things have calmed. Time heals wounds. There are a couple things I’d add to the already good discussion here:

First, love them more than ever before and have your future spouse do the same. Don’t be bitter at all. Call them very often just to say hello, even if they hurt you about your wedding. Keep planning the wedding and have your future spouse keep working on them, slowly. **The love of Christ can shine through to anyone. **If you love them more than ever, I would be very surprised if they weren’t at the wedding after all.

Second, be prepared to have anti-Catholic attacks thrown at you. Don’t let it get to you. Really get to know your faith. There are about 10 attacks that most people belonging to anti-Catholic Christian groups will lob at the Catholic Church. If you don’t know the answer to what they tell you, say “I’m not sure about that but I know what you are saying isn’t correct. Let me look up the answer and get back with you.” Then come to this website and look it up. :slight_smile: I promise that any objection has been answered on this website before. I’ve learned so much more about my faith having to answer questions of my Mother. :slight_smile:


sounds like they belong to the group that thinks the Church is the “Whore of Babylon”. As such they not only do not consider the Church to be Christian, but actually see it as somewhat satanic. I’ve run into such people and they are very hard to talk with about it.


My sympathies!

Watch this.

Born Again the Bible Way!

Protestantism is not at all biblical.

Some of you are “dog piling on the rabbit” a little prematurely here.
This is not representative of mainstream Protestantism
The reason I asked what group they belonged to is, even as a fundamentalist, (and I mean Bob Jones, Pope is the anti-Christ fundie), we would never have refused to go to a wedding just because its in the Catholic Church. If anything we would have looked at it as a “witnessing” opportunity.
From what the OP describes these folks are waaaay off in left field somewhere. To make BJU fundies look liberal by comparison.

How very sad. Ultimately, of course, there is little you can do to convince others to act with rationality, or even love, if they refuse to open their eyes. And remember the counsel of Christ Himself in Mt. 10:37 (“He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me”). Tough words, but being a Christian is tough sometimes.

Many blessings to you and your partner on your forthcoming wedding. I will pray for you and your family.

Perhaps you might want to discuss this with the parish priest. He’s probably dealt with this kind of situation before. If your partner can inquire from his parents what specific objections they have about Catholicism.

The Born Again movement is very very good at stealing sheep. You are not in a denomination. Catholic is not a denomination. Catholic is the original. Catholic is the Church. Catholic is the Kingdom of God militant. All else is shifting sand.

Since you are baptized according to the bible you are born again.

Spend some time on this web site and you will learn so much

So long as we believe when coming into the age of reason. Infant baptismal grace is confered through the belief of guardians and the Church. It is imperative that we believe the Gospel which brought that Baptismal forgiveness personally.

Haha. I heard someone say once “Protestants are very good at stealing our worst- but we are good at stealing their best!”. Haha. Meaning- if a Catholic doesn’t know his faith he will be easily led stray. But if a Protestant is serious and studies the Bible- he will be led to Catholicism.

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