Boss ordering all Halal and Kosher for Christmas party


I’m going to enjoy the office party and I know Jesus declared all foods clean (plus I bless my food in the name of Jesus before eating) but i wanted to share this happening with you all.
My boss is a Christian and said to me she wanted to go all halal for the party. I said ok.
I’m curious as to whether my sense of disheartenment has any merit. I shouldn’t care as all foods are clean. Perhaps I am judging thinking she’s making a “statement “ of sorts. In any case, I just wanted to share to see if anyone has any thoughts.
I tend to overthink things so hopefully someone will just tell me not to give it another thought. There are people who only eat halal and kosher and last year we ordered aside for them but this year it’s all of the catering.
Thank you everyone.


Don’t give it another thought.
Halal and kosher food tends to be better than a lot of food that isn’t halal or kosher.
Your boss is probably just trying to make sure that all the employees, including those with religious food restrictions, can enjoy the party.
Eat up, enjoy.


I think it’s thoughtful of your boss to make sure that all employees can eat the food provided. I’ve been on the other side – where a barbecue was offered on a Lenten Friday and the options were hamburgers and hot dogs. While you know it’s not an intentional slight, it would have been nice to have had religious sensibilities taken into consideration.


I’m a vegetarian, I have a friend that comes to us for some holidays, that is a Muslim. we try to make food for everyone, we don’t go out of our way just to serve only things we know that he wouldn’t eat. Saying that all food has to be, that seems a little much to me. I understand wanting to be inclusive, but one could have said, make sure you include those types of foods, but not only those types of foods. and keep in mind, that Muslim dietary laws are actually less strict than Jewish ones, something kosher may be completely halal, but not everything Halal is kosher


That’s exactly what she said. Thank you!!


That’s interesting information about the strictness, thank you for sharing.


From being involved in other events, one problem with having special food for a certain group of people is making sure that a) they have enough to eat, b) their food isn’t eaten by people who aren’t observing the religious restriction but just decided the kosher looked better than their own, c) having to deal with two different caterers,. Having one menu for everybody makes things a lot simpler.


Do you have coworkers who are Muslim?


Brendan, I wasn’t sure of this. Thank you for sharing. Does the Catechism say anything about this I wonder.


I eat at a Lebanese restaurant quite often that’s run by Maronite Catholic and Syrian Orthodox Christians. Best Middle Eastern food I’ve ever had not actually in the Middle East. They advertise as halal. I wouldn’t worry about it.



Hi Father, thank you so much for your input. I’ll admit I was a little confused did I understand correctly that the restaurant is run by Christians but the meat is halal and slaughtered under the name Allah? And that’s ok, yes?


I’d be there in a flash. Sounds yummy!


If you have Muslim coworkers, it’s appropriate for your boss to ensure the food being served at the party is halal.

(Edited to correct)


All of the food we eat is caught, killed and prepared by those of many faiths and none. If they slaughtered the meat ‘in the name of allah’ it doesn’t affect the fact you may eat and enjoy it. You give thanks to God for it and carry on your faith tradition. Be glad for the food and thankful for those who worked for you to have it


I thought I read that somewhere and another poster commented as well. I thought there may be some truth to it! Thank you for your input.


Welcome anyone who is weak in faith, but not for disputes over opinions. One person believes that one may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables.The one who eats must not despise the one who abstains, and the one who abstains must not pass judgment on the one who eats; for God has welcomed him. Romans 14:1-3 NABRE


Amen and praise God


What a kind gesture on the part of your boss!


Thank you for this for me to ponder and explore more of the meaning! God bless!


Thanks all for your responses! This site confirms the name of Allah must be mentioned.

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