Boston College in flap over lingerie: Critics: Biz deal with Victoria’s Secret ‘disgraceful’

BC spokesman Jack Dunn said the school was “very selective” when it agreed to let Victoria’s Secret sell BC sweatshirts, sweatpants, T-shirts and flip-flops as part of the racy chain’s youth-oriented Pink line.

“We thought it was a tasteful line of clothing that college students wear,” he said.

He said the college had no knowledge of Eagles-emblazoned “short shorts” that were selling next to the hot-pink BC tank tops.

“We never authorized undergarments,” he said, though other colleges have their names printed on panties in the Pink collection.

He also said the university does not divulge how much it makes from selling licensed apparel.

BC is a Catholic college. I support their choice.

Looks like quite a few colleges and universities license to Victoria’s Secret.

Boston College looks like the only Catholic College that has taken this step - underwear with BC on it, no. I think it should remove it’s name from this store immediately.

Yeah - I have to agree - this is in pretty poor taste for a Catholic College.


Is underwear evil now? I think I missed that memo…

I too would some more input from those who disagree with us on this. BTW, some college students are married.

Of course not - and I don’t believe anyone on this thread has even suggested that! :rolleyes:

I just think it is in poor taste for a Catholic institution to promote, even indirectly, a company that uses soft core porn photography to sell their products (have you ever SEEN their print catalogs??!!). Even the company I work for has the site blocked from viewing. Is that because they think underwear is evil? No - I can get to any other lingerie site on the internet. It is because the images on the site are seductive and not appropriate. To encourage Catholic students to shop at such a site is not, in my opinion, in good taste.

I think the items they have for sale are actually pretty cute, and if I were a student I’d probably buy them. The only thing I have objection to is the association with Victoria’s Secret - that’s all. Not the products themselves or the fact that the College wishes to have such products with their logo on them.


I didn’t even know they had a print catalog and I think I’ve been to their website twice at the most. I didn’t notice any porn on the website. If there were porn there they would have to have a warning.

I’ve been to Victoria’s Secret stores and IMO there was nothing distasteful there. I didn’t examine every nook and cranny, but nothing stood out.

If you want to say BC is wrong to do business with VS in a store b/c of what VS does outside of the store … that’s a big stretch.

IMO, any outrage over this just perpetuates the stereotype that all Catholics or the church is against sex.

I agree about their stores and merchandise not being particularly “racy,” but I also agree that their ad-campaign is way over the top.

Nothing against VS; I sometimes get my niece a gift card from there. But last holiday season I was walking in a mall past a Victoria’s Secret store that had huge photos of women in bras and underwear covering part of the front window.

It occured to me that if this store had been around when I was 12 years old, my Mom probably would have prohibited me from going to the mall!

Of the top 10 issues facing the Church today i would say this ranks about 1.000,000,000

Who cares?

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