Boston Globe: Chelsea Clinton’s Promotion of Abortion Is ‘Grotesque’


This is unusual coming from someone at
The Boston Globe, but I applaud him for his courage to speak out against Chelsea’s speech. Grotesque it was.


This writing is not the least bit unusual for Jeff Jacoby, who regularly writes op-eds for the Boston Globe.


Abortions have been worth $3.5 trillion…is that the amount we saved for 10 million innocent babies that have been slaughtered…even Satan would have been hard pressed to dream up that slogan…unbelievable


Like the author said, if the 60 million babies had not been aborted, what could they have contributed to the economy?


60 million…wow…I was way off with 10 million…shocking


Estimated 60 million since Roe v. Wade made law in 1973.


It is hoped that they would have helped by being consumers and creating jobs.


The apple never falls far from the tree…


So the Dems finally have an economic strategy to their platform - more abortions improves the economy.

Except they undermine it with their open borders strategy.


It’s interesting that you would post a breitbart article instead of a Boston Globe article.


For those who won’t enable Breitbart with clicks:


Because that is where I saw the story.


Thank you @JulianN for posting the Boston Globe piece for those who won’t
click on Breitbart.


That’s not quite what she said. She said that the entry of women, en masse, into the workforce contributed $3.5 trillion to the economy, and one reason (of many) that women could enter the workforce was access to legal abortion.

I make no defense whatsoever here of legal abortion, or of the right thereto, but Chelsea Clinton didn’t say that abortion contributed $3.5 trillion to our economy.


yes, access to legal ABORTION contributed $3.5 trillion to our economy.

Abortion cannot work or receive a paycheck, so I think it was clear the point Chelsea was making without having to spell it out.

Chelsea is very educated, but she doesn’t seem to have developed her own personality. I am sure she is bright and had potential, but she seems nothing more than an elitist clone of her Mom and
Dad. It is kind of scary to listen to her speak. Ivanka Trump clearly is her own person, but I can’t say the same for Chelsea.


That’s not what she said.

She said that the entry of women into the work force contributed $3.5 trillion to the economy, and that Roe v. Wade was part of what made that possible.

One can oppose legal abortion and still not distort what was said. In fact, that’s exactly what we should do.


Or not call names at people standing against abortion.


Roe v Wade is the law that made access to legal abortion possible. What Chelsea said or what she insinuated was grotesque.


That doesn’t really work.

It’s like saying that fast transportation made it possible to market fresh produce in NYC in January, but that trains had nothing to do with it, when trains had everything to do with it.

I don’t agree with CC, but she’s clearly saying abortion is a good thing because it allowed women to work more. It was the sine qua non according to her.


Exactly,! She is a mini Hillary.In fact I’ve heard temperament wise she is even nastier to be around😳

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