Boston Legal

This show really bothers me since it is so biased against morality. The moral side always loses and then it is portrayed as it is a wonderful achievement and that society is now better. Yesterday the show was about a girl who contacted HIV and was suing her school because they only had an abstinance education program and not one for contraception. Of course the outcome is that the school loses and has to pay the the girl $750,000 not to mention they now are forced to teach contraception in the school. It is not this one episode that bothers me though. I’ve seen a few of the shows and whether it be abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, or any matter of controversy, the moral side always loses and anyone in favor of morality is made to look terrible and some horrible person.

The worst is I know that these are based on real life situations and who knows, perhaps I’ll get the chance to fight against one of the issues in a few years after I finish law school.

I have a friend who watches Boston Legal. One of her friends at work watches it and I know that they converse on all the issues that come up with this show.

I don’t watch it for the reasons that you stated in your posting. I don’t watch much t.v at all because of all the sex, violence, and so on that is on t.v.

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agreed, so why do you watch it?

I stopped watching the show after an episode in season two on the plan b pill and Catholic hospitals. However, I just happened to flick to it last night and thought I’d give it a chance, since I liked the show before the bias became overwhelming. It was absolutely a disgrace. I’ll never make the same mistake again. That storyline was a ridiculous; there is no way they could’ve ever won that case in reality. It was just a cheap attack at the religous right, the Bush administration, and Catholic teachings. They even had the odacity to call the condom, “the greatest invention of the past two-thousand years.” Are you kidding me?

Well it did make me more aware of the fact of how important it is for there to be attorneys with good morals and more so, ones willing to take on these issues. I rarely have time to watch tv anymore other than football on Sundays anyways and I don’t really miss it half as much as I thought I would. But anyways, I’ve already wasted too much time posting on here; I have to get back to reading subject matter jurisdiction and brief the cases.

Are you kidding? I’ve seen more than a few episodes of it and think it’s hysterical. The lawyers and clients in that firm are all so dysfunctional I don’t think that their wins can possibly be seriously seen as striking blows in favour of a better society.

Well they are cheered for winning and like a previous poster mentioned they call the condom the greatest invention in the last 2000 years. Clearly the show is saying how society is better off due to them winning the case. That is all I was saying and it is always the same. They win the case and are praised for it.

They are cheered? You mean they praise themselves and their clients praise them for it, of course. But we see how morally off-centre they all are, and it’s obvious their judgement isn’t reliable on such matters.

We, as in you, me, and hopefully most of the people on this forum might see it as immoral, but as far as the rest of this world, this is not the case for a lot of people.

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