Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Visits Irish Catholic Shrine He Says Helped Him During Battle with Cancer

The mayor went to the shine at Knock in Western Ireland, where the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and Saint John the Apostle appeared for 2 hours to 15 people, an apparition that has been approved by the Catholic Church.
I probably should point to more information about this shrine for those who would like it–you could go to


Let’s hope there is a major conversion story here.

Marty Walsh has been a a pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage public servant for most if not all the 16 years while he served as a representative and senator in MA. He ran as a pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage candidate for mayor. That is why it is no annoying when he marches next to the Cardinal O’Malley in the Saint Patrick’s parade.

In 2014, he refused to march as mayor in the parade because gay groups were not allowed.

That is just bizarre. To be so hypocritical and two-faced. Hopefully he does have a conversion back to God. Perhaps his conversion would be hastened if he were publicly chastized by the Cardinal and excommunicated. Then he would have some serious questions to resolve, since he knows he was saved by the saints of the Church, the same one condemning his positions.

I agree with this. It’d be nice to see a politician who so openly admits to God’s intervention in their life start to follow Him regardless of the consequences it may have on their standing within their political party…

I am glad to hear that God intervened in his life, now he just has to do something with that fact ^^

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