Boston Morning Talk Shows Attacks Catholic Church

Billy Costa is the co-host of the morning talk show “Matty in the Morning” he is also the host of the show “TV diner” and “the High school Quiz show” on wgbh channel 2. He on a regular basis makes the joke " I was an alter boy but I am a little hurt that the Priests did not fine me attractive" The host of the show Matt Seigal encourages the joke. I suggest we contact Channel 2 and suggest he may not be an appropriate host for a High school quiz show. I also suggest we contact the sponsors of the other shows.

Channel 2 WGBH
contact us by phone, please call 617-300-5400, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Or write to us at WGBH, One Guest Street, Boston, MA 02135.

I called channel 2 today and said

“Hi I am a history teacher and I really enjoy watching “High School Quiz Show” But the host of the show , Billy Costa, is on a morning show making crude comments about Catholic Priests and rude comments about the death about Whitney Houston. I do not feel it is appropriate for the host of a high school game show to be making such comments”

Here are the sponsors for the Matty in the Morning show

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club
2907 Main Street
Brewster Massachusetts 02631

Panera Bread
1855 S. Ingram Mill Rd. Springfield, Missouri 65804
PHONE (800) 685-0385FACSIMILE (417)

Whole Foods Market Regl Office(617) 492-5500
125 Cambridgepark Dr Ste 5
Cambridge, MA 02140 42.3948 -71.1446

Here are the sponsors of TV diner
Herb Chambers 259 Mcgrath Hwy. Phone: 617-666-8333
Somerville, MA 02145 Fax: 617-666-8448

Please contact these sponsors. Let them know that they are sponsoring a show that is making crude comments about the Catholic church. If you are only able to contact one contact the resort they are currently making reservations for the summer

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