Boston Schools Pulls Out 40,000 Free Condoms After Complaints About Racy Wrappers


The rubbers that the Massachusetts Department of Public Health donated to the Boston Public Schools free condoms program have been returned due to messages on the packaging that some parents felt were far too suggestive for students.

The 40,000 condoms had wrappers with messages like “one lucky lady,” “hump one,” and “tasty one.”

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I did not post this because of the condoms and wrappers but because this is everyday news. When you turn on your local radio station , this is what you hear as a news story, as if its so normal to have condoms in the schools.:rolleyes:

The mother who complained took to “twitter” not that she was opposed to condoms only to these condoms.

The problem was with the condoms’ wrapper. They have been replaced with 20,000 condoms without writing.


Really? They support their kids having sex with every Tom, Dick & Harriette, but are offended that the wording on the condom package is sexual in nature.


So sad that condoms and sexual activity is being promoted in the Boston Public Schools. Also, it bothers me a lot that this happening in Boston where there is a high number of Catholics. Where is the outrage? Do these people giving out condoms believe the kids can’t wait until marriage, that they have no control over themselves? Prayers badly needed.




I would suggest prayers are needed to stop the legal and enforced grooming of children.



I read in the history books somewhere that Boston was once THE bastion of strait-laiced no-nonsense blue-blooded conservatism; bordering on facist puritainism.

My my my… how the city has changed…


We truly live in a sick society. Parents complaining that the sex tools are too racy. “You can push irresponsible sex on my teenager, but at least do it CLASSY!”


Classic shallow American thinking. Worry about the appearances and ignore the substance. Makes you just goggle sometimes.


Yes, I agree. Schools in their curricula and sex ‘education’ and freebies such as this are engaged in the grooming of children. And yet many are surprised when I predict that pederast ‘marriage’ will be next on the political sexual agenda.


That’s how we are these days… all about style, not substance… it’s not what you do; it’s how you look doing it. :ouch:


Just so. I mean, think about it: why WOULDN’T condoms have racy wrappers? Maybe the parents were expecting pictures of baseball players?


How is this grooming them? Teenagers are going to have sex and no force on earth will stop them so it’s better they do it with some form of protection


What I can’t understand is; it’s okay to distribute condoms but NOT okay that the packaging be ‘racy?’

It seems that the good people of the 6-1-7 are drinking some of that ‘Dirty Water’ (Bostonians will get the joke).


Please keep in mind that all this contraception at the Public Schools is supposed to GOOD for our children!!! They are getting a “better” education because of it! Ummmmmm…when will it all end?



I agree, there seems to be a disconnect in the parents’ attitudes.

I think the intent of the packaging was to encourage guys to use the condoms. Perhaps the parents worried that the message might be too effective; that students might be motivated to seek out sex they would not have, otherwise?

I don’t really understand their objection, but I also wonder if they truly understand it.


Have you noticed the increasing number of cases of teachers having sex with students? Teach kids to have sex with each other so they can have sex with adults too. Yes, the culture now grooms children for sex from an early age.


Do you have any numbers to support that there’s an increase in student/teacher relationships?


This is a Catholic Forum and we try not to act like the heathens do, please respect our ways and laws of God.




If people cannot respect themselves, why do they wonder when they get some sort of
venereal disease, some of which is life threatening . That is why God made the law in the first place to protect ourselves from diseases .

There is more in life than sex, if you have made Sex your God you have a problem.

That is why there is a thing called “Marriage”. One man and one woman.

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