Both Houses of Congress pass resolutions in support of NATO



They still need to start carrying their share of the weight.


Of course. If there is one thing the Democrats and Republicans can agree on it is perpetual war for perpetual peace. NATO is a relic of post WWII where the US decided it’s ally, communist Russia, wasn’t so good after all.

NATO should be scrapped.


Wondering who “scrapping” would hurt? I don’t think the US. Wonder who it would help? Russia? Just asking. But, if I understand correctly, countries should contribute what they said they would do. I also heard that 2% was the figure for 2024??? Is this correct? If so, the other countries still have time to live up to their agreements???


It helps the US to abandon it. If anyone attacks any NATO country we have to defend them. If someone attacks Turkey why on Earth would we want to sacrifice American lives and America wealth to defend Turkey? But the whole point of NATO today really is to provoke Russia. The merchants of death always need an enemy.


Although Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate agree on precious little, a resolution in support of NATO passed “97-2” in the Senate and the House “unanimously passed a resolution expressing support for NATO.”

Is it your opinion that all but two of the democratically elected members of the House of Representstives and the Senate are “merchants of death” intent upon provoking Russia? Seriously???


The congressmen aren’t merchants of death. They are beholden to them.

As for provoking Russia who else is NATO providing mutual defense for Latvia against? The Congo?


The fact that the had to pass a resolution at all speaks volumes about the kind of confidence Congress has in Trump. He panders too much to Putin.


I certainly hope so.


The member states of NATO are:
Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

If Russia has no designs on any of the sovereign member states of NATO, neither Russia (nor you on behalf of Russia) need to worry about problems with NATO.



As was obvious when he chastised Merkel for her friendly deal with Putin.


Chastising NATO members for not spending more on defense, how exactly is that pandering to Putin?


Let’s see, Germany begs for protection from Russian aggression yet makes big money deal with the Russians. Does that seem surreal to you??? And bashing Germany for dealing with Russia in a “uge” way definitely shows President Trump pandering to Putin. Give me a Kit-Kat bar!!!


Isn’t President Trump saying exactly the same thing that previous presidents have said about Nato? I guess you just don’t like the tone? Because the words have not changed… I saw a video clip of President Obama saying the SAME thing…


I get whiplash from the left’s competing positions (depending on who is on office) on whether we need to pull back our forces, not be the world’s police force, and let the world fend for itself versus the need to keep troops and money funneling into NATO to protect other countries abroad.

I fail to see how asking countries we help protect to honor the agreements they have made is somehow a bad thing. I suspect if Trump’s position was he didn’t mind that they were lagging in many areas of commitment, he’d be attacked for not putting America first.


Quite the contrary I like it! I want more!


And yet both houses os Congress did not feel compellled to pass resolutions in support of NATO - when Obama was president.


However, in all fairness, it was not “the left” that passed these resolutions.


That is true. I am curious if Rand Paul supported the resolutions.

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