Bothered by my sister's lack of morals

Hi I was wondering if I am wrong on this one.
My sister who is single is having an affair with a much older married man and the part that bothers me is 1. She was raised better and I feel its an insult to god and an insult to our parents who raised her. 2. The man has a young child of his own…and she’s trying to have a family with him.
Am I wrong to be bothered by her decision Of continuing a relationship with this man who has no interest in divorcing his wife?

I see nothing wrong with your being bothered by this. Have you told her it bothers you? I once confronted my youngest sister about her sleazy lifestyle and it turned into a screaming match. We no longer speak to each other. Not sure if I’d do it again. Seems from a scriptural point we are to live as an example and let God get in their face. He has skills.

No, you are not wrong to be bothered by your sister’s poor choices.

The reason God hates sin, among others, is that sin hurts people.Think of who is being hurt in this situation: the man’s wife, who is an innocent victim of his unfaithfulness. The man’s child, who may end up losing his father if they end up divorcing. Your sister, who is hurting her own soul by turning her back on God’s commandments. Her potential child, who would only have a part-time dad if he stays married.

If she is trying to have a child with this man. that is very hurtful to all parties concerned. Maybe you can explain this to her without anger or accusation. just by explaining how all these people are being harmed by her choices. It’s not that God wants to stop us from having a good life, he wants us to have a good, moral life, which sometimes means we have to give up what we want. Other people’s spouses are off limits for moral people.

Maybe she could ponder upon how she would feel if she had a husband was having an affair with a much younger woman and had a child he was playing “daddy” to. Sometimes people get so caught up in their love affair they don’t step back to think what if one of their parents had done this to him as a child or a spouse.

My prayers go with all parties.


Your feelings are not wrong but what do about it this will be very difficult. Clearly by almost anyone’s standards she is very wrong to conduct an affair with a married man with children. To even consider having children with him is completely over the top. I am going to pray for you to find a way to help her put a stop to all of this as soon as possible.

You aren’t wrong to be bothered by this, but I don’t know what good it would do to confront her. If she’s like my sister, she will just be a witch about it.

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