Botox Deadens Emotions?

This could explain why these ardently pro-abortion politicians have no problem with jamming scissors into the base of the skulls of unborn children and vacuuming out their brains.

A new study suggests that by paralyzing the frown muscles that ordinarily are engaged when we feel angry, Botox short-circuits the emotion itself [Newsweek].

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I don’t know if it deadens the emotions, but I do think the brain cells die at a faster rate.


Is the author claiming that pro-abortion politicians are heavy users of Botox? He doesn’t seem to offer an justification for that claim. Or even for the implied assumption that pro-abortion politicians use Botox at a greater rate than anti-abortion politicians.

I don’t understand his opening paragraph. :confused:

Here’s the Newsweek article.

Hello Botox, Bye-Bye Sadness—But Not for the Reasons You Think

I find this interesting. If this is true then they need to be much more careful about who they give botox too. For example those who have a serious case of depression could benefit from this. The average ordinary person wouldn’t need it.

That may explain a lot of the seeming cognitive dissonance in our politicians. There are so many aging, wrinked, politicians particularly in the Democrat party (due to the generous majorities they currently hold, Republicans have some Botox candidates too). Politicians want to endear themselves to a younger, and honestly less educated, demographic which looks at appearances rather than credentials and experience. The easy way to look young is Botox. It all fits together… our country is really being ruined by the invasion of the Botox Politician!:smiley:

So, in November, vote out any candidate who has used or might use Botox; we may just save our country yet.

So, what you’re saying is that we should REALLY avoid not only the Botox politicians, but the former drug user Botox politicians because their emotions and logical thinking are clearly gone.


We need to get clearer thinking folks back into our government. It’s obvious by the actions (or in some cases, lack thereof) of our current administrations at state and federal levels that logic and reason have left the building…

Nov, 2, 2010 is House cleaning time!

My avatar laughs maniacally at such a suggestion! :wink:

This is interesting, though… I do remember hearing somewhere that just as certain emotions make face muscles react in a smile, frown, etc, it’s also possible to consciously make a certain face and it works the opposite way. I thought that sounded crazy at the time but who knows.

It’s not all that hard to figure out, Dale. I’ve posted the photos of four of the biggest proponents on Capitol Hill of slaughtering unborn children. They also happen to be the four most famous Botox users on Capitol Hill.

Hacking unborn babies to death and crushing their skulls is a rather unfeeling thing to consistently be in favor of, isn’t it?

Now there’s evidence that Botox deadens emotions/feelings. Draw what conclusions you desire or bury your head in the sand if you so desire.

It is interesting how quickly you come to their defense.

Oh… anyone else notice that 3 out of 4 are allegedly Catholic?

Hey, riiiiiiiiight.

How does your avatar laugh with all that botox?:smiley:

Would you happen to have any kind of evidence which shows that Botox use causes indifference to abortion? Or that anti-abortion politicians shun Botox?

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