Bowdoin College to Christians: Get Lost! (Maine)

Saw this on OneNewsNow…

BRUNSWICK, Maine – Bowdoin College officials have banned a local lawyer and his wife from leading campus Bible studies with students after the couple refused to sign a non-discrimination agreement they say violates their Christian faith.

“The college has terminated us,” said Robert B. Gregory of Damariscotta.

Gregory, along with his wife Sim, are volunteers with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, a charitable organization that promotes Christian ministry on American college campus…

According to the Orient, Foster said the initiative grew partially as a reaction to the Penn State scandal in 2011 in which assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of multiple counts of child molestation.“One of the things we realized,” Foster told the Orient, “is that we have people on our campus working with students, spending a significant amount of time with students, and we don’t know a lot about a lot of these people.” - See more at:

what does child molestation and “discrimination” have to do with each other?

Next thing you know Newman Centers are going to be baned because Mass isn’t a “intrafaith” service…


what a big screw-up. I am not sure how their policy protects children from being raped by perverts like Sandusky. I am not sure how this is connected to what happen at Penn state yet that is the reasoning they gave to formulate this policy. Like the lawyer said, they are picking fights where none existed. So this non-descrimination policy is going to protect children from perverts? It seems like their policy is going to make more victims not less.Sometimes it’s not worth it and i wouldn’t choose this college to send my children too. Their new policy and pledge that is suppose to protest rights now does the opposite and descriminates against those that don’t want to drink their koolaide.

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