Bowe Bergdahl’s case referred to a general court martial


Bowe Bergdahl’s case referred to a general court martial where he could face a life sentence


where was it before?


There was a recommendation that he be tried under a special court-martial rather than a general court-martial.

A special court-martial has certain limits built in such as no more that a year in prison or a bad conduct discharge. The general court-martial is the most serious and allows for the maximum punishment under the military justice system. This includes life imprisonment, dishonorable discharge, or even a death sentence if warranted.

Most seemed to be pushing for the special court-martial with no prison term.


This really surprises me. I thought this case would be kicked down the road until after the next presidential election. As tone-deaf as our current president seems to be, I suspect that even he realizes that he really stepped in it where Bowe Berghahl is concerned. I thought for sure he’d leave it for the next guy (or more likely, gal) to deal with.


IMHO I do not think that Carly will be the next President.!!!


Hopefully he walks away a free man.


I see what you did there.


…with a dishonorable discharge in his pocket.

After spending several years as a prisoner of the Taliban, I agree that subjecting him to prison would serve no real purpose. Any hope for a normal life is pretty much over anyway. Let him just disappear into obscurity.


He deserves a firing squad for deserting his post, but I would be ok with some time at hard labor in Levenworth. Let’s not forget he walked away from America to join the enemy; the fact that it did not turn out as he expected is of no concern. People died looking for him.


Seems to me they been dragging their feet with this case. I assumed it was being swept under the carpet till Obama was gone.


If there were a real press in this country, someone would ask Obama how it is that he became the first president to host a Rose Garden celebration for a deserter.

– Mark Steyn


This, plus what Obama would have to say to the families of the men who died looking for the deserter.




I don’t believe he is guilty of desertion.


He deserves to face a firing squad or get hard labor. He deserted and endangered fellow soldiers in doing so. His conduct is beyond a disgrace.


Bergdahl hatched a plan: He would run away from his platoon’s tiny outpost in Paktika province late on June 29, 2009. He would stay away from the Army a day, maybe two, and then reappear about 19 miles away at a larger installation and demand to air his grievances with a general. He knew that the region was crawling with insurgents, but he had “outsize impressions of his own capabilities,” according to an investigating officer.

Carrying just a disguise, a knife and some provisions, Bergdahl was captured by insurgents by 10 a.m. the following morning,

This part is indisputable, though: He absolutely put the lives of others at risk, and did so knowingly.

Susan Rice, said Bergdahl served the United States with “honor and distinction,” apparently the optics are not in line with the Obama legacy today. :blush:


I don’t either. While he clearly abandoned his post and was absent without leave, to say he deserted is a real stretch. The definition of Desertion under the UCMJ is very exact. It would take a tortured bit of logic to apply it to Berghahl. Those calling for him to face a firing squad need to get a grip. Still, I can understand the sentiment. Others died while looking for him, we traded some really bad guys to get him back, and Obama hosted a Rose Garden love-fest for him. The whole situation stinks.


what is the difference between abandoned and deserted?


Desertion requires intent to permanently leave without authorization. That was not his intention.


how do you know that? and abandonment is simply wandering away into the hands of the enemy?

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