I just watched the TLM on EWTN. It was amazing. I was looking online at people’s reactions. Someone was surprised that the deacon and subdeacon said the second confiteor and that the priest bowed to the cross during the collect and the post-communion. He said that these were abolished. I looked at and in the Ritus Servandus in Celebratione Missae it instructs the priest to bow to the cross at the oremus and the closing when the holy names are mentioned. Are these abolished or was the person mistaken?

Some people dislike the use of these elements of the Mass, since they were not in the 1962 Missal, but in the 1955.

Given that they are not in the 1962 Missal, are they [the second *confiteor, etc.] therefore “allowed” or not?

The retired priest in residence at my parish bows at the Name of Jesus when he says the Novus Ordo Mass.

, etc.] therefore “allowed” or not?

the second confiteor is allowed in areas or with groups where the custom never went away.

both the ICRSS and FSSP use the second confietor

The bows were in the 1962 missal, so that is not an issue. The Confiteor before communion was dropped in 1960, but allowed to be continued in places where it had been the custom. Some FSSP priests use it, while others do not.

Some of the rubrics at sanctamissa are incorrect- I don’t know whether the mistake was made at the translation on when it was transcribed for online use.

For e.g. as you said, V, 1, mentions bowing to the cross at Oremus. This is incorrect. The 1962 rubric says “et jungens ante pectus, caputque inclinans, dicit : Oremus” NOT “et jungens ante pectus, caputque **Cruci **inclinans, dicit Oremus” as was the rubric in the earlier edition before 1962.

No 2 and 4 seem to be trasnlated correctly and omit the mention of the cross. Prior to 1962 they read

V, 2

Cum nominatur nomen JESU, caput versus Crucem inclinat


V, 4

extensis et junctis ante pectus manibus, caput Cruci inclinans, dicit: Oremus, Flectamus genua

while 1962 reads:

V, 2

Cum in oratione, vel alibi in Missa, pronuntiatur nomen JESU…sacerdos caput inclinat

V, 4

extensis et junctis ante pectus manibus, caput inclinans, dicit Oremus, ac deinde : Flectamus genua

There are other places also, like the Introit where the bowing to the cross has been omitted and replaced with a direction to bow.

As to the Confiteor before communion, you can see the relevant rubrics here.

Chatter163 and ChristopherM could one of you’ll please elaborate on the custom permissions?

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