Box Eucharistic wine


Does anyone know if they sell valid Eucharistic wine in a box?

I am traveling to Haiti, and they are in need of wine and hosts and I would rather try to take boxes of wine, instead of glass bottles.

Fr. Ken


When you say boxed wine I assume you mean the ones with the mylar bag inside. I’ve never seen altar wine come in that packaging before. The major producers seem to either sell it in 750ml bottles or 3 or 4 litre jugs. That being said I’m not a sacramental wine fount of knowledge so perhaps someone else knows of a supplier.

As a side note I thought that most pure (i.e. not blended) wine could be used, so a decent boxed wine might be usable. The major advantage of altar wine is not having to research if additives have been added or not.


Sorry I’m clueless as to what ‘valid Eucharistic wine’ is…

It’s a shame you can’t find people to donate and have it shipped…


You can in England at least, I imagine it’s the same elsewhere. My parish uses boxed wine and has done for at least 20 years. They get it from a monastery that make Altar supplies.


Any wine, so long as it is made only from grapes, can be used for Communion.
In my diocese, some buy their wine from a winery started by our first Bishop, but most have “wine sharing Sundays” where the parishioners bring in bottles, or boxes of wine from the local liquor store.


very excited to see a new priest on CAF!!!


Most dioceses print a list of wines acceptable for sacramental use, though I doubt Haitian dioceses do. Check with your diocese and if a brand of “box wine” is acceptable, send that.


Our parish used boxed wine for years. Then we got a new priest and he didn’t like the boxed wine. We’ve run out of wine before and several of us donated bottles of wine we had at home and it was fine to use those.


I don’t believe that there is a difference between boxed merlot and bottled merlot.

Here is some information:

This article says that the wine snobs do not like box wines (however, wine is wine and certainly can be used for the Eucharist):


My parish use a large boxed wine as I come from a large parish


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