Box Tops for Education

I am looking to donate my Box Tops for Education to Traditional Catholic Schools. Here is a list of recommendations. I have already gone through them and found out that some do not accept them and one of the suggestions is sedevecantist - I won’t donate to a sedevecantist school.

Can anyone recommend any of the schools below in bold? I believe the Padre Pio Academy is by an independent church. Are there any other recommendations of traditional Catholic schools?

Holy Guardian Angel’s Catholic School
59350 Carnation Road
Olathe, Colorado 81425
Note: Sedevecantist! Part of CMRI

St. Gregory’s Academy, Pennsylvania
FSSP affliated
Can not accept Box Tops

Padre Pio Academy
11442 Dale St.
Garden Grove, CA 92841-0928
Accepts Box Tops!

Queen of the Holy Rosary Academy
393 West Old Watson Rd.
Saint Louis, MO 63119
SSPX Affiliated. Supposedly accepts Box Tops

St. Stephen the First Martyr
5461 44th Street
Sacramento, CA 95820
Currently does not accept them

Oooh!!! I honestly don’t know about the schools you have listed, but Our Lady Queen of Mercy in Montgomery, AL is fabu! They are struggling due to demographic changes in the area, but somehow (by the grace of God) they keep truckin’! The website is

I also have to tell you that I am the Box Tops nut to all my family and friends! My husband laughs at me b/c I will purposely buy products with the Box Tops just so I can collect them for QM.

Oh! And, I went to QM School K-8th grades! It’s a very special place. :thumbsup:

Does Our Lady Queen of Mercy Catholic Church offer the Tridentine Latin Mass?

All I know about Padre Pio is that it is independent.

Is that something I should avoid donating to?

Can anyone suggest any other schools?

Try this school. They are not a traditional catholic school but a few of the families (including mine) and teachers do attend TLM’s. My son attended for a year and we were pleased with his formation.

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