Boy, 16, charged with murdering newlywed Nathan Trapuzzano after 'confessing to friend'


That this young Catholic newlywed, with his life ahead of him, was murdered while on a morning walk, clutching the rosary he used to pray while he walked, is the saddest thing I’ve read all day. Eternal peace grant him, Lord.

Boy, 16, charged with murdering newlywed Nathan Trapuzzano after ‘confessing to friend’


Man am I sick of these punks taking lives all the time, and for nothing. What is wrong with these kids today? Do their parents teach them anything at all, or are they just as ridiculous as the kids they raise?

I simply can’t feel sorry for them anymore. I feel for the victims, but the perpetrators I have to leave in God’s hands because I simply can think of nothing to do with them short of locking them up the rest of their lives and tossing the keys away.


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This story is hideous, so I take it it happened in Indianapolis.

I know of another similar story, we have too many of these hideous stories.

Prayers for the young man, Trapuzzano hailed from Pennsylvania.


What parents? Single moms at best… We have a country of deadbeat dads who aren’t around, and even in homes where Dada is there, a man is missing.

Look around Mass some time. See all those women with kids and no man? They aren’t all divorced…

Families made up of real men and real women would solve most of these problems, but men have abdicated their roles as leaders of the family, and women have chosen a contraceptive mentality that makes them a commodity, not a vessel to pass on life.


Praying for the repose of Nathan’s soul & for his family. Praying for his murderer as well.


This heartbreaking story just gets worse and worse. :frowning:

I am in a Catholic women’s group with Nathan Trapuzzano’s wife, Jennifer, and I cannot even begin to imagine what she is going through and how difficult it’s going to be to deal with all of this, especially since her husband’s murderer is still basically a child. I know how it feels to lose a loved one to murder - a family member was shot and killed by a 17-year-old. This happened 20 years ago and I still struggle with finding forgiveness for this killer. :frowning:

May Nathan’s soul rest in peace and may his wife and the rest of his family find all the strength that they need in our sweet Lord.




– His widow, Jennifer Trapuzzano, posted a message on Facebook:

“Today has been extra rough. It’s been one week and I still can’t comprehend that this is all real. The police have reported the suspect of my husband’s murder was only 16. Oh how my already wounded heart aches to hear this. Nate always said one of the greatest crimes in the world today is how many babies grow up without their father. I don’t know this man’s circumstances but it hurts to hear that such a young man could turn to such violence. Please pray for his conversion.”


Suspect Arrested in Murder of Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor With Baby On the Way

A suspect has been arrested in the case of a shooting death of a pro-life sidewalk counselor in Indianapolis, Indiana whose wife is expected to give birth soon.

**Nathan Trapuzzano was a young 24-year-old man who served as a sidewalk counselor at a local abortion clinic in Indiana **and had a baby on the way. Tragically, he was murdered in a shooting while out walking his neighborhood.

Poor guy, almost seems like he should be up for Sainthood. He must be looking down upon this from Heaven. We can all learn from him.


I see they’re taking a page from the Zimmerman playbook by using a years old photo of the murderer.


The Pennsylvania native was adored by his friends and family – particularly his two brothers - and he dedicated his life to them and the church, which Jennifer says was the first love of his life.

She explained: ‘The church was the most important thing in his life. I was his wife and he loved me so much, but his faith came first.

‘When he asked me to marry him he said, “I want us both to be saints and for us to go to heaven together, side by side”. In his mind our marriage had three people, him, me and God.

‘Nathan actually said I was a better Christian than he could ever be, he said I had a child-like faith, I’m not sure if that’s true, but I never doubted God and this hasn’t changed that. Now I just want to become closer to him so I can see Nate again.’

There is no rhyme or reason, but it makes it harder that it was the first week he went in the morning. He was so diligent about his exercise. When he was walking he would always pray or listen to podcasts on the Catholic faith.

‘He never took anything of value. His keys would have been the only thing. He didn’t take his wallet, I know because the police couldn’t identify him when they found him. He didn’t have his phone, but that was a flip phone with duct-tape holding the battery in anyway.

‘All he had was his gold crucifix and his gold wedding band, but they didn’t take either of those, which I’m glad about. Even his MP3 player was worth $23.’

Read more:


2nd article, accused arraigned. At times, I don’t know what to think, these articles tend to raise the passions.

It’s a conundrum, higher abortion rates in the inner-cities may well lead to fewer criminals being born according to such theories as Freakonomics, I don’t want abortion however. I think this points to our society needing to have better values altogether, life being more precious and maybe these things would happen less.

This must have been a dangerous part of Indianapolis though I don’t know for sure, happened during Trapuzzano’s morning walk. Strikes me as a little bit odd, when these things happen, you envision it more as happening later in the day. I don’t know if it was on a weekday. This is a very disturbing story.

As for the accused:

It was still not immediately clear who shot Adams, whose rap sheet includes at least 29 arrests for crimes that include weapons possession and drugs, the news station reported.- NY Daily News article

If Simeon Adams, the accused had these many arrests at 16 years old and some for very serious offenses, weapons and drugs, one wonders how he could have been on the streets? He probably should have been locked up.

Maybe a judge who let’s someone go like this in society should be held accountable as well.


Which in MHO,actually makes this look even more sick …that such a young boy as this is capable of such an act.:frowning:


The probation officer who could have had the accused locked up for previous violations, resigned. See story.

Of course, it’s no substitute for life but I wonder if the city could be sued for this and allowing such a person out on the street?


The 1950s and 1960s where when grown white men were stringing black men from trees and being hailed as heroes.


Even today, Black Pro-Lifers make a point that in 3 days, more black babies are aborted than blacks the KKK ever killed. Can’t forget that either. , as black babies are about 5 times more likely to be aborted than white babies. But yet, Abortionists are hailed as heroes by some and Choice is backed hugely by one party. Or somehow it is about Reproductive Rights even though, minorities are disproportionately represented in abortions. Reverend Childress’ website in fact, claims that the Klan are in fact, amateurs compared to the Abortion Industry.

So, LBJ’s policies, the war on poverty has not succeeded as well, probably makes things worse.


I am so sorry the paths of nathan and this punk crossed. This kid was a ticking time bomb. The probation officer was correct in resigning. Why was simeon not arrested for shooting the man at the restaurant a couple of nights earlier? I am not sure how safe that neighborhood is. Nathan had moved there recently. Nathan looked like such a nice man.
A good husband who would have been a good father.


All of the articles say Nathan Trapuzzano was out on his morning walk and this would be I gather before work but upon finding out more, it seems he was out at 6:00 AM in the morning, in April, it would seem to me it would still be plenty dark at that hour. Not exactly as what one envisages as the time to take a morning walk.

Just had to add that in. Not sure if it directly deals with your post.

In many places, big cities at least, I might be a little hesitant to take a walk that early in the morning but on the other hand, we can’t be afraid of everything little thing either.


Oh, for the record, Italians were strung up too here in America.

Er, guess what Nathan Trapuzzano surely is?

I don’t want to link to those stories on the history of Italians in America but that is easily verifiable.

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