Boy, 9, commits suicide after coming out as gay, being bullied by classmates: mom


Given that part of his being gay was to dress feminine, I can’t help but think there was confusion about feelings and terms. Males dressing feminine is usually associated with transgenderism. I have to wonder if he made the simplistic inference that if he wanted to do more feminine things, he had to be gay, missing the nuances and deeper understanding an adult would have.

This of course in no way excuses his bullies. I’m still shocked that 3rd graders drove a classmate to suicide in just 4 days. I remember being picked on, but the level of bullying needed for that in such young kids is shocking.

Let’s pray for the boy’s family as they deal with the tragedy, the boy’s bullies that they may never be so hateful ever again, and for the boy to rest with God.


That makes more sense.
9-year-old kid likes sparkly clothes and dolls. His male classmates make fun of him and tell him he must be gay. I can see that happening.


But his statement to his mother that he was proud of being gay doesn’t square with being taunted at school. It seems to be the result of grooming, either direct or indirect.


I can think of a non-grooming way for him to have been proud. The topic of homosexuality has probably come up in the boy’s life. As the mother was willing to buy him feminine clothing, it’s no leap of logic to assume she’s said that if he was gay, she’d love him all the same and that she personally thinks the gay community should be proud of its progress. So I can see the idea that a gay person should be proud of their identity coming into his thinking without any adult grooming him.


I think discussing homosexuality with a 9-year-old and buying him female clothes is grooming.


I meant online. I had just heard a public service announcement how kids are targeted by adults pretending to be kids on the internet.


His school probably even had a session that included teaching him about homosexuality. They start the indoctrination young. Or maybe the kid went to a library event like the one in the article below.


I was trying to be funny/clever and failed.

Some teachers do start pushing an LGBT or Social Justice frameset to their young students


If that happened here, it was obviously completely lost on his bullying classmates.


That’s because many topics for Social Justice are age inappropriate for young children and pre-teens. The focus should be teaching them general kindness, not the meaning of every letter in LGBTQQIP2SAA


Yes! This has been driving me crazy for years.

Among other things, if the single out a group for not bullying, guess whom the bullies are going to go after?


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