Boy born at 24 weeks starts school in England


This story is a real good-news one. Just goes to show that babies can survive at earlier and earlier gestations and can go on to grow up and have happy lives.

God bless little Alfie and his family!


yeah I would have thought that to be normal these days. My youngest son was born at 26 weeks 16 years ago. With the development of the medical world they must consider a 24 weeker normal these days.

Fantastic story.


Praise the Lord. Thanks for the story.


God is incredible thanks for posting


My son was born at 27 weeks, back in 1981. He’s 34 today, but has complications from being born prematurely.

I saw babies born at 24 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. The one’s who survived were girls. Girls lungs develop about two weeks ahead of a boys. Boys generally don’t survive at 24 weeks, so the boy in the article is a miracle, or, was actually 26 weeks.

Determining the actual age of a premature baby has a plus or minus 2 week tolerance. This means, it’s estimated that he was 24 weeks, but he could’ve been 26 weeks. He definitely was not 22 weeks, he would not be alive.

Anyway, knowing what my son, my wife and myself went through being born at 27 weeks, I can sympathize with what this boy and his parents are going through. They have a long road ahead of them, but if its as blessed as ours was, they will grow stronger.



You might think that … as lawyers call experts for their sides of the cases before judges … that this boy (and his chronicalled survival) might be called as a witness… or even “exhibit A” in cases where the legality of aborting 24 week old unborn children (on viability grounds … whatever THAT means*) on the side of defending life.

  • That is, the … “they aren’t capable of living outside the womb anyway …” arguments would be revealed as sophistry given the tangible evidence to the contrary (this PERSON). Also … if “they aren’t viable anyway …” why the need to kill them? They would then not make it to full development and birth. :hmmm:

Happy learning young fella! :slight_smile:


I was a midwife in England back in the 1980s and we never saved a baby at 24 weeks back then. The law doesn’t seem to be able to keep pace with the wonderful advances in medical care.


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