Boy Charged in Pregnant Woman's Death

Boy Charged in Pregnant Woman’s Death

WAMPUM, Pa. (Feb. 21) - An 11-year-old boy shot his father’s pregnant girlfriend in the back of the head while she was lying in bed in their western Pennsylvania farmhouse, then got on the school bus and went to school, authorities said Saturday.

…She saw him with what she believed to be a shotgun and heard a loud bang," Bongivengo said, adding that the weapon, a youth model 20-gauge shotgun, was found in what police believed was the boy’s bedroom.

The shotgun, which apparently belonged to Brown, is designed for children and such weapons do not have to be registered, Bongivengo said.

Why on earth are there shotguns designed for children??

Very strange to me! :eek:

Deeply saddening as well. :frowning: I wonder in our society if we are becoming so greatly desensitivized to violence/death and true, unconditional love at younger and younger ages.

Shotguns designed for smaller people have a shorter length from the end of the stock to the trigger and are generally smaller and lighter. A 20 gauge is a medium size shotgun but obviously can kill a person. It depends on what type of shot is loaded in the gun and the distance from the shooter.

Cheney’s friend was 40 yards away and was hit with birdshot from a 28 gauge. That’s a lot different.

because children enjoy hunting and sport shooting too thats why. and while this was tragic there are two important things to remember.

  1. we dont really kow why he did it
  2. just like adults the majority of kids who use guns will do so safely and responsibly their whole lives

one bad use and questioning why they have them, would be like why we willlet kids this age drive in a few years. cars are far more dangerous.

If the Latin Rite Catholic Church believes that children can only receive Communion at an age of reason where they become capable of moral responsibility, it is logical to assume that young children are not capable of handling firearms also.

If children are believed to be not able to fully comprehend the mystery of the Eucharist, I would go so far as to suggest that they probably also can’t handle or understand fully the moral aspects of life, such as murder.

So that children can learn to shoot responsibly.

However that is not a valid question in this case. It is illegal for a child to have unsupervised access to a gun. That said, I hope the father is being charged. This child should not have had access to an unlocked/unsecured/loaded gun. That is the law. The father failed to follow the law.

My daughter has 2 rifles and 1 handgun. All 3 are locked in my safe. She only has access to them when I open the safe. She does not have the combination.

Gun owners need to be responsible, the father of this child was irresponsible. His actions were criminal. His actions resulted in a tragic criminal action by a young child who probably can’t even comprehend what he did and who’s life is now ruined, as well as the destruction of this family.

that seems like a strech that would keep anybody from having a gun. who on earth can honestly say theu FULLY understand the mysteries of the Eucharist?

Certainly not Protestants :cool:

I saw this on the news this morning. What a tragedy to everyone concerned!!!

At 11 yrs old, this boy is well past what the Church considers to be the age of reason. He knew what he was doing. :frowning:

In Pennsylvania, where this took place, the law does not distinguish in age for homicide. When the assailant is a juvenile, they are charged as an adult. They may have the case transfered to juvenile court, but this is rare. I think this case may be. If found guilty in an adult court, the options are few. First-degree murder is punished by a mandatory minimum life without parole (death penalty doesn’t apply to youth) and second-degree murder is also a mandatory minimum of life without parole. If it is downgraded for some reason to third-degree murder, the punishment is a term of not less than 5-10 years or more than 20-40 years. We have one of the highest amounts of youth lifers in this country…Just thought someone might find this interesting…

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