Boy dressed as Jesus

Right or wrong to send him home?

I thought he looked great!:smiley:

It may have been a bit much if he was drenched in fake blood, but I thought it looked good.

The story and video never made it clear whether the costume was offensive to Christians because he was dressed as Jesus or offensive to non-believers because he was dressed as Jesus.

From the video I notice that witches were allowed. And clowns.

I think because the principal was afraid others would be offended.

Now the boy is a martyr. Hmmmm

Based on what the principle said, I think she made a wrong and misguided move from her position of authority, plain and simple.

But in all fairness, she had no right to do that.

This looks like another attempt to get christianity out of the picture. First it was prayer. Well, at least christian prayer. I’ve read stories where schools had to set a room so that Islamic students can go to pray to fulfill their five prayers a day requirement. I suppose that if a student had dressed up as Muhammoud, (sp?) it would have been accepted.

I don’t know…I thought it could’ve been seen as offensive to many people. If he was dressing as Jesus for a religious play, fine…but for Halloween?

And besides, the article says he did it because his long hair makes him a Jesus lookalike, and not necessarily because he was trying to express religious beliefs.

I think it would be fine to dress as Jesus for All Saints Day at church. I am not too sure about at a public school though.

This story is very familiar to me. My 14 yo son wanted to dress as Jesus because that is what everyone at his school calls him since he has long hair and wears Birkenstocks. I wouldn’t let him. There are some things that are sacred and not to be taken in a joke like way. I knew my son’s motivation wasn’t religiously inclined, so I said no.

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