Boy in girl’s clothes


I’m interested in the Batman series you mention. We’ve watched Super Hero Squad but my younger son says “it’s too scary!” We watched an animated Batman show on Netflix, but I ended up turning it off after a few minutes after I heard Batman talk about “hookers” and I figured that maybe that show was aimed at adults? However, I suppose that, like Spider-Man, there are probably lots of versions of animated Batman out there!

Yes, I’m guilty of being a Disney buff, as you can tell! We watch other things besides just princess movies, like the Lion King and Wall E and of course, Cars!

I asked my little guy why he wanted to dress “as a lady” and he said he wanted a dress that twirled out when he spins. I am going to try to find some capes that do that and maybe that will help!

His older sister is a tomboy, so I’ve enjoyed dressing up the toddler in pretty dresses, and maybe that’s another thing that has him interested! People keep giving us clothes for her, and he raids the hand me downs in the closet before I get a chance to go through them! Yes, the stealing is a problem. I can see that maybe having a dress up box is a good idea, and then a punishment just for stealing but not for dressing up.


Yes, his dad is here. Dad pretty much doesn’t do much with the kids; he works, does some housework and spends his free time watching sports and playing/reading on his phone. Even before smartphones, he spent most of his non-TV time reading/watching stuff on the computer. He really doesn’t like doing things with the kids or going out as a family. Mostly he likes to sit and watch TV and then when the kids really act up he yells at them. It’s not what I would want, but when I talk to him about it he rolls his eyes at me. So it is what it is and I don’t know what I can do about that.

My stepfather loves taking the boys to do activities though, even stuff like yard work or painting (like painting a house) or going to the store. So there is at least one positive male role model!


You can find the original 1990’s animated cartoon on Amazon Prime I believe. The Superman Spin off, followed by Justice League was essentially my after school viewing then I got onto my homework haha. Don’t believe those are on amazon prime though. As I said, once the producers of the show caught wind that more kids were watching it than adults, they made sure it was kid friendly

I’d stay away from Batman Beyond. It takes place in the same universe, but it has that steam punk/goth feel to it. Great show for a little more older audience.

Also that one animated show you were talking about is probably one of the animated movies thats meant for an adult audience. They’re still good, but not meant for the kiddos.


Let him dress up in what he wants, it’s normal behaviour for a small child. He’s not a man, he’s a little boy playing.


I had similar desires when I was young: Appreciating beauty, elegance, and color should not be limited to one sex. Doing so is unnatural and hence we push each other into unnatural categories like ‘transsexual’ and ‘homosexual’.

I’d say if he likes those things, try to find clothing designed for boys that have those elements, while encouraging him to pursue more masculine things without creating an atmosphere of disapproval.

In other words, we need to recognize that gender roles and expectations are up to us to shape, not only for us to obey.


Some of my favorite pictures of my son are him stomping about in my high heels or him smiling with glee in my wedding veil. :joy:

It stopped by the time he was 5 or 6 and now, at 8, he’d sooner be dead. He still plays dress up with his 2 year old sister but now he’s a knight, cowboy, a dragon… tell grandma to relax. There is no need to sexualize children’s behavior at that age.

My son also found the type of shows you described as scary (and some he still does). He’s not exposed to a lot of violence now (and I consider most superhero shows violent and at 4 we really limited it.

At that age he loved Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid and went through a Busytown phase. He also like to watch a lot nature/science shows with dad. A lot of “How It’s Made” and Discovery Channel. They might not be “strong males” in the overly muscled and ready to battle villians sense but they are polite, curious, and have adventures.


This is a very good point. Not all boys respond well to hypermasculine battle ogres.


I thought DD handled it beautifully when DS1, about 3 at the time, put on her plaid skirt one day. “Oh, Scott,” she said, “you can’t wear that. It’s for church.”


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