Boy Scout, Tory Green, meets President Barack Obama in Oval Office

Tory Green, the first Eagle Scout from Troop 400 in Huntsville, met President Barack Obama at 2 p.m. this afternoon inside the White House.
“It was breathtaking,” said the 17-year-old Lee High School senior. “Not only did I get to meet the president, but I got to give Michelle Obama a big ol’ hug.”
Green is in Washington D.C., to present the National State of Scouting address to Congress tomorrow morning.
Today Green was scheduled to meet with President Obama, but meeting the president’s wife was a coincidence.
“We were walking toward the Oval Office, and she walked by, stopped and talked to us,” he said. “I asked for a hug and she gave me one.”

More on the Scouts presentation here (it will be updated all week):

Whether we agree with the current President’s politics is a mute point. He is still our President and it is a great honor for any one to be invited to the White House. I hope Tory lives up to the values of being an Eagle scout, and now just shelve his distinction and live a life that does emulate the values of scouting.

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