Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts Begin Accepting Transgender Children


From NBC News today:

The Boy Scouts of America began accepting transgender people into its scouting programs on Monday, the organization said.

Spokeswoman Effie Delimarkos said in a statement that the group’s more than century-old practice of determining eligibility by birth certificate was no longer sufficient amid a wide variation in state laws that interpret gender identity differently.

“Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application,” Delimarkos said. “Our organizations and local councils will help find units that can provide for the best interest of the child.”


So the Boy Scouts will now accept girls who think they are boys, or who have been told they are boys, or who identify as boys. Why not just accept all boys and girls into one organization?


:smiley: Very interesting!



They should be trying to help these children instead of affirming their sickness. :mad:


According some doctors: enabling Cub Scout age children to identify as transgender (which the lawsuit was that lead to this) is child abuse.

This is really upsetting.

@Jim G - I agree… at this rate, why not make it all co-ed and allow girls and boys to sleep one-on-one in the same tent.

By allowing homosexual and transgender children; the reasons for keeping boys and girls segregated logically all but evaporates.


I think Scout leaders and parents can and will work out sensible sleeping arrangements in good faith and with charity toward all.


Why do you think this? Because Scout leadership has been showing such good judgement so far?


No. Because at the troop level, it is run by the families. The troop leaders’ own children are in the troop, and as parents they usually put a lot of thought into activities and look well after their own children. Other parents with children in the troop are also closely involved.


If this is the case, they will immediately remove their children from the Scouts and find an alternative way to involve their children in those kind of activities.


I think Dr Taylor Marshall is organizing something along those lines, though it’s meant only for boys and men for the time being. :slight_smile:


I was my son’s Den Leader for five year of Cub Scouts.

Then he joined Boy Scouts and participated for about a year.

When the opening to have leaders and Scouts who identify as gay happened, some of us pointed out that this was just the beginning. And now our point has been proven.

As far as I’m concerned, my son is never going back to the BSA – we’d been discussing this lately. This is a confusing and difficult enough time for him (early teens) without adding more confusion into his head.

So sad to see such an outstanding organization cave to this tiny minority, a minority which many of us honestly believe are suffering from and being encouraged in mental illness.



Wouldn’t that discriminate against adults who identify as children?


But then are we saying that homosexual and transgender children should be excluded altogether from scouting? I’m not sure how welcome a gay or transgender boy would be in girl scouts, either.
It’s a complicated issue and I agree it is something that can probably be dealt with sensitively case-by-case.


They might be reacting to imagined threats. I am not going to take my kids out of scouts just because another kid is confused. And what about sports? If there is a boyish girl on your son’s baseball team, you gonna make him quit? If the high school in your town accommodates “transgender” students, do we have to homeschool? I don’t think so.

But you’re right, there are many enriching activities for young people, and one may choose according to one’s level of tolerance for other people’s faults and failings. Maybe there are even activities for those of us with no faults and failings. :wink:


There are co-ed scouting type organizations.


There is a massive, massive difference between a girl on a boy’s baseball team who is recognized as the girl she is (regardless of how “boyish” she may be) and a girl in any situation who is dealt with as if she is actually a boy. If a child is confused (as all children are at one point or another), he or she should be helped, not lied to. Everyone has faults and failings. To celebrate faults and failings as if they are beautiful is ridiculous and disasterous.


The issue isn’t that another kid is confused like they forgot what they ate yesterday. The issue is that a kid has a serious mental illness resulting in a delusion and the scouts are playing along. That is cruel. Besides that it sends the message that a girl really can become a boy. This defies reason and even science. The scout leadership either truly believes the lie or it is going along with the insanity to not cause trouble showing a lack of moral strength. Either way I’d not want a kid in such an organization.


As a former Scout, I am extremely disappointed in their decision. You didn’t see any of this until it became politically advantageous to do so.


This is so amazing! I hope it sticks and they allow gay boys in it next. About time.


I think gay boys are already allowed which I fully support.

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