Boy Scouts of America Shuts Down Seattle Troop Over Gay Scoutmaster


Boy Scouts of America Shuts Down Seattle Troop Over Gay Scoutmaster

A group which lobbies against discrimination in the scouting movement says the BSA has revoked the charters of a methodist church for refusing to remove scoutmaster Geoffrey McGrath after he came out as openly gay

I wonder who will cave first, BSA or the pushers for homosexual leaders.


Seriously? You REALLY wonder?

Oh, and by the way, good job BSA!!!:thumbsup:




I’m giving the BSA the benefit of the doubt. :wink: They did put their foot down this time. Hopefully they can keep it up.




Well shame of the Boy Scouts of America. Really, being gay should not be a factor in one’s ability to lead or not to lead. This goes too far, but that seems to be the norm these days.


No, the shame is on the gay scoutmaster. He knew it was against their policy for him to be a scoutmaster. He kept that secret in order to worm his way in and most likely to influence and ogle teenage boys.


That isn’t true. BSA was aware of it. They only demanded his removal after it became public.


Honestly, I’m fine with this. They have the right to discriminate, but every time they do things like this they lose public support, and they prove to people why there is a gay rights movement. In short, they just make themselves look bad.

The policy will eventually be changed, I’m sure. But by then this may have gone on for too long to win back many of their supporters.


As a scout myself, I would have been exceptionally uncomfortable if my scoutmaster had been openly gay, especially if he had been accompanying us on outings. There were a few gay kids in my troop, and that never bothered me, but have one as an authority figure would have bothered me greatly, and made me (along with many of my fellow scouts) unwilling to go out.

Sorry, but the BSA is in the right on this one. People scream about the safety of children when it comes to gun, drugs, video games, or just about anything else. But as soon as the talk about take prudential step to prevent the possibility of inappropriate behavior of a homosexual, its suddenly going too far. It’s a double standard, and it’s nonsense.

(NOTE: I am not saying that all homosexuals are pedophiles, nor am I saying that the scoutmaster has previously or would in the future attempt inappropriate contact with scouts, I am simply stating that it is best to air on the side of caution. Think of it this way, if a man is attracted to women, even it it is of-age women, you wouldn’t want him camping out with a bunch or young girls, so why is a problem to not want someone who is attracted to men camping out with a bunch of young boys?)

Good going BSA!:thumbsup:


Cool. You publicly like to make uncharitable and downright horrifying assumptions about strangers because they are gay. Of course, it couldn’t be that this guy has a talent for working with kids. Nope, he’s a predator. :rolleyes:

Yet more evidence for why the growing gay rights movement necessary. There are still far too many people with the above knee-jerk reaction to homosexuals.


The troop charter was pulled because the holder of the Charter, which was a Methodist Church, refused to follow the BSA rules. The scoutmaster was no longer the scoutmaster because his membership was revoked.

It’s not very charitable to attribute ill intentions to another person without proof. :tsktsk:


The Charter was pulled because they refused to follow the rules of the Charter they agreed to. The guy was no longer a member of Scouts and no longer eligible to be the Scoutmaster.


It’s likely that activists will keep pushing the BSA to change their policy and allow openly and actively gay Scout leaders. If this happens, it’s likely that there will no longer be Catholic parish sponsorship of Scouting.


The Catholic Church is the 3rd largest sponsor of BSA units. I don’t see the BSA doing anything to risk that.


If one does a quick search here for BSA threads, it’s clear that many think the organization has already risked Catholic involvement by accepting openly gay youth.


He also violated the rules for adult leaders by appearing in a gay rights parade wearing his uniform, and marching his troop in a gay rights parade. That’s not allowed.

When posting on this site on another thread, he said that rules are only “guidelines” when they conflict with what he considers his “values.” In an organization where the safety of children has to be paramount (and that includes all manner of rules, not just youth safety - everything from filing trip plans properly, practicing safety in climbing and canoeing, and avoiding the politicization of a youth movement) - such an attitude is not appropriate for an adult leader.


So far the US Magistarium doesn’t agree. After all, the accepting of gay youth already happens in the CYO. Here is a reference of comments from different bishops:


Which leaders, volunteers, and youth do all over the country anyway. The BSA knew he marched in Pride parades and that he is openly gay. They didn’t care until it became public.


In this area, many parents have already removed their daughters from parish Girl Scout troops because of the national GSA organization’s involvement with Planned Parenthood, electing Catholic alternative organizations instead.

I am hoping that Gilliam is right that the BSA will not risk parish sponsorship in this matter.


Can you explain how it is uncharitable to point out that he knowingly broke BSA rules that forbid him to be a scoutmaster?

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