Boy starved to death at cult hands

All because he wouldn't or couldn't say Amen.

I find it so hard to believe that people will believe anything except when evangelizing.

I feel like I am failing in my vocation as a Christian when some one turns to believe in things other than Christ. And I wonder if we will be held responsible for that lack.

I can agree on one thing in this very sad story,
this rite is not Christian and all its followers
can be considered as antychrist followers.
Just I add one advice: in our life we should never
Juge Christianity according to its followers
but to its true teaching. And please read
the NT of the bible and tell me where
it is teached to kill a child ?
God will never forgive this sin which is against
The Holy Spirit.
May God Have Mercy on us all.
They are worshipping Evil not God.
Please keep praying for the conversion of the World.

So terribly sad.

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