Boy, they don’t make em like this any more, Orchestral Western Music Scores

Boy, they don’t make em like this any more, Orchestral Western Music Scores. Thought some of the Dads and Granddads(and ladies):rolleyes: might like these almost forgotten Western Scores and extras.:cool:

Please add your favorites.

The Magnificent Seven Score:

How the West was Won Score:

The High Chaparral Score:

Wagon Train Score:

Cheyenne Theme Song:

Gunsmoke Theme Song:

Bonanza TV Intro:

Bonanza Theme with Lirics:

The Virginian Score:

The Wild Wild West Score:

The Wild Wild West TV Intro:

Rawhide TV Intro:

The Lone Ranger TV Intro:

Ghost Riders in the Sky – Jonny Cash on The Muppet Show:

Have Gun Will Travel Theme:

The Extras:

The Bridge on the River Kwai - Colonel Bogey March

The Bridge on the River Kwai Score:

The Great Escape Score:

Rawhide - Blues Brothers:

Ghost Riders In The Sky - Blues Brothers:

What an awesome list. I am not sure I have heard of all these before but what great symphony music. The Blues Brothers are always great.:cool:

Here’s one to add.

The Big Country:

I love the scores posted. Makes me a little homesick for a good old fashioned western.

Wow! Brings back so many good memories. I love Westerns. Thank you for posting these.

:harp: :heaven:

We did a halftime show when I was in college (late '60s) based on the music of “The Other Bernstein.”

Love it.


Wow, I even almost forgot about “The Big County” Score. What a great piece.:thumbsup:

Well saddle up boys! Ahh…Er Ladies!:tiphat:

You would *never *have put the “Bonanza” intro on your list had you heard the original. You cannot imagine the aspect of Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Pernell Roberts and Dan Blocker singing the lyrics written for the piece. Thank God and all that is holy that it was aired only once.

But what you missed was “The Cowboys” starring John Wayne, Bruce Dern, et al.


You mean this one, not sure if this was the original, you are referring to?

Still trying to find a good YouTube of “The Cowboys” Theme:D

High Noon ballad - sung by Tex Ritter, music composed by Dimitri Tiomkin, lyrics Ned Washington

Thanks Sarah, great ballad and black & white Classic Western.:thumbsup:

Drafdog, This is the best YouTube of “The Cowboys” score I could find, and it is pretty good, if you find anything else let us know.

Will add these to the list.

The Alamo Score.

The Green Berets - Ballad

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