Boycott Blow for UN Racism Forum

Boycott Blow for UN Racism Forum

“Australia and the Netherlands joined the US, Israel, Italy and Canada in boycotting the talks. The UK is sending a delegation, but no senior official. The move is over concerns about anti-Israel and anti-Western bias. Iran’s president, who has denied the Holocaust, is to address the meeting.”


There is plenty for everyone to be unhappy with here. But, the attempts to curb free-speech that remain in the draft document are very problematic. The statement in support of the talks by the Pope was interesting.

[quote=BBC article]The Pope spoke out in favour of the conference, saying it was an opportunity to fight discrimination and intolerance.

“We ask for firm and consistent action, at national and international level, to prevent and eliminate any form of discrimination and of intolerance,” he said.

I guess I am surprised that the Pope would speak in favor of this conference, given that the first one was an opportunity to condemn the existence of Israel.

…speaking of which: Walkout at Iran Leader’s Speech

i saw the video clip of the walkout by a number of countries. i think ahmadinejad was a little put out that they didn’t stay in their seats and listen to his oratory.

he is another one of our world leaders who is a little too impressed with his own self-importance.

I watched the entire Iranian president’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech and it was met by the applause of the diplomats of the countries that did not walk out. It seems it was a great success. We don’t see this in the media. All we hear is about couple clowns and about walking out members of some countries. How many representatives of the countries remained to the end of the speech?
Indeed, nobody has explained what was offensive or not truth about the Iranian president’s speech. He presented the unvarnished truth. The offense was refusing to listen.
Why it is so difficult to find a transcript of the full speech? Does anybody know where to find the information? If the speech was so offensive, people should be able to analyze, and to know what exactly was said.

i read where a newspaper in iran said it was a great speech. you could probably google
ahmadinejad - u.n. speech - 2009 - transcript - and see what happens.

The text of full speech you can find on
I don’t see anything offensive in condemning Zionist Apartheid regime and it’s supporters and reminding the world about over 60 years lasting Palestinian Genocide.

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