'Boycott France': 10,000 protest Prophet Muhammad cartoons, Muslim leaders slam Macron

‘Boycott France’: 10,000 protest Prophet Muhammad cartoons, Muslim leaders slam Macron

Associated Press

DHAKA, Bangladesh – Around 10,000 people in Bangladesh rallied in the South Asian nation’s capital on Tuesday to protest France’s president and his staunch support of secular laws that deem caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad as protected under freedom of speech.

Protesters from the conservative Islami Andolon Bangladesh group, which supports the introduction of Islamic law in the Muslim-majority country, carried banners and placards reading: “All Muslims of the world, unite” and “Boycott France.” It was the largest protest yet against the cartoons in recent days.

Some carried portraits of French President Emmanuel Macron with an “X” on his face. One protester carried a cutout image of the French president with shoes around his neck as a sign of insult.


I get the right to free speech; but this whole thing has caused a ruckus and as said, we’ve had our own experiences in the USA on this matter.

I heard Pakistan is withdrawing from an Airbus contract. Airbus is a European plane maker.

Better to steer clear of these matters.

I believe I saw in Malaysia, some higher up made a tweet that was tasteless and later deleted it.

This is something that they don’t understand over there.

The man who made the tweet (number 12 in a long thread) posted it shortly after the attack. I have a copy of the missing tweet that someone obtained before removal and posted on line, but I will not post it here as the tweet is still missing from the sequence and it might be subject to serious criminal charges. The thread (minus the tweet) is below as is the Wikipedia entry for the gentleman, who until very recently was apparently the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Wondering about the result of the Charlie Hebdo trial and what that will spark.

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