Boycotting everything


I’m sure you’ve all heard this before, but the US government allows abortions (and the governments of a lot of other countries), so should we really boycott everything we can, all forms of entetainment and everything? I know it’s an ideal, but how many of you here can really go through with this without going nuts? Most people can’t get away from sales tax, it can’t be returned at the end of the year. And one who’s just been introduced to the REAL Catholic faith (not just that "nomina"l stuff) probably wouldn’t last if they just threw themselves in over their heads or whatever, cos doesn’t faith and sacrifice and all that take time to grow? I don’t even think many of those who’ve been Catholics for many years could even stomach having to give up every single luxury…

and please ppl tell all the Catholics you know about this. Get the word out.


okay so it’s not like I know the lifestyles of many Catholics since I’m new to all this. But even the Holy Father watches the odd movie from time to time (they tend to be more moral movies but still it’s counted as luxury) and I see there’s the Water Cooler forum here, so it seems we haven’t actually given up all luxuries (we still have to pay the electricity bills and yes there’s tax in that as well). it’s just that since i first heard about this i’ve been trying to give up everything pro-death that I could think of (everything I don’t need anyway) and I’m wondering how long it’s going to be before I crack, if I really am going to crack.

and please get as much word out asap of the US govt stance on abortion, boycotting the culture of death, etc, if you haven’t already.


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