Boycotting MDA for what they did

Not a penny more to MDA for their shameful treatment of Jerry Lewis. The guy’s a legend. He’s no saint, but he’s a world-class humanitarian and a comedy legend who didn’t deserve to be thrown under the bus. Would now be a good time to ask if MDA donates to pro-abortion groups?

I couldn’t watch this year (or donate) because of what they did to Jerry.

(I have no particular interest in this issue other than curiosity.)

Fox News reports $61.5M was raised, up $2.6M from last year.

Wikipedia has a good article on the telethon, including this topic. To me it seems like a huge debt is owed to Lewis. To his credit he has been mostly silent, but some of what he has said sounds out of control for a high visibility spokesman.

On May 16, 2011, it was first announced by the MDA that the 2011 version of the telethon will be Lewis’ last as host, and that he would continue his role as MDA’s National Chairman, still appearing at the close of each telethon, to sing his signature closing song, You’ll Never Walk Alone. In a press conference with the Television Critics Association in late July 2011, Lewis denied that he ever said it would be his last telethon, would not elaborate on his role in the current telethon (stating that it was “none of your business”), and announced he would indicate his future plans the day after the telethon broadcast, citing “I will have plenty to say about what I think is important.” At the same conference, Lewis criticized the reality television shows his telethon co-hosts were involved in – Lythgoe’s American Idol, which Lewis said featured contestants who were “McDonald’s Wipeouts”; and Sweeney’s The Biggest Loser, a series which Lewis claims is about contestants “knocking their brains out trying to see how we beat the fat lady at 375 pounds, and in four months she’s going to be 240. Who cares? It’s ridiculous.”

The MDA announced on August 3, 2011, that Lewis had “completed his run” as both host and national chairman, effective immediately, and that Lewis would not appear in the 2011 telethon. The wording of the release left it ambiguous whether he had been fired or if he had resigned. The MDA also confirmed that Lythgoe, O’Dell, Sweeney, and Carl, all slated to be co-hosts under Lewis, will share hosting duties; the MDA will leave the position of national chairman unfilled. Numerous celebrities came out in support of Lewis and opposed to his dismissal from the MDA shortly after it was announced; Lewis himself has been mostly silent about the issue, saying that the controversy is “very difficult to get into.” On August 21, 2011, the Las Vegas Review-Journal released a report stating that the MDA reinstated Lewis as host of the telethon; however, Lewis’s publicist denied that report. The following day, on August 22, 2011, the Review-Journal retracted the report, saying that Lewis has not been invited back to the telethon; the source close to Lewis said that the MDA reconciled with Lewis, not reinstated Lewis. While the 2011 edition of the telethon has been booked at the South Point, it is unknown if future editions will take place there, or anywhere in Las Vegas. Despite Jerry’s departure and anything that took place backstage, the 2011 telethon’s hosts paid tribute to Lewis with a one minute video montage of Jerry hosting the telethon over the years.

It’s about raising money to fight the disease, not about who hosts the telethon. I am more upset about people blowing this out of proportion than I am about Jerry’ absence.

Is the charity any less worthy to be supported because Jerry Lewis is no longer hosting it? Will they do less good because of Jerry Lewis’ absence?

I would think the time to ask if MDA donates to pro-abortion groups would have been before Jerry Lewis was removed…why now is it an issue if before it wasn’t?

I don’t understand your reasoning…but then…I really don’t have to…just curious how it is now an issue when before…it simply wasn’t?

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