Boycotting Sony?

Are u boycotting sony

Yep. But there is multiple reasons. The DaVinci Code is just the last in a series of poor decisionmaking issues.

This is the first I have heard about a boycott. Would someone care to fill me in on who is organizing it and why?

i only heard it on this fourm…
so donno :S

:frowning: ?

Nope, The Da Vinci Code was a commercial investment in a product which was going to make them money, they would have done the same thing for a film like “The chronicles of Narnia” or other popular Pro-Christian and Pro-Catholic material(and they have… see “Emily Rose” comment). I doubt anyone actually cared about it at Sony apart from the fact it was going to make lots of cash, this was the same studio which released “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” the year before.

I don’t blame the studio, I blame the people like Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou and the writers and the crew who decided to make the film and approach sony for funds.

Blaming Sony for this shame is the same as saying “you guys made the Playstation 2, therefore you’re responsible for the fact that someone used your platform to make the Grand Theft Auto games. Therefore you made the Grand theft Auto games.” which is stupid. Rockstar made the GTA games, just like Ron Howard and his production company made Da Vinci Code. Sony funded them both, yes(Videogames are licensed by Sony to be on their system), but they didn’t create the abomination. I don’t blame the distributer, he sees the money in it and pays for the rights by giving them funding to make the film, but I blame the original artists.


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