He seems to be struggling with God and he’s having a hard time leaving his friends when he goes to college next week.


Praying for strength and peace for this young man.


It sounds to me as though he’s just having problems growing up and has chosen to blame them all on God. I ask you, what type of character trait does this reveal and why would you continue to associate with someone potentially in the throes of Peter Pan syndrome?


Eric you sure are willing to write people off pretty quickly.

Sancta -your boyfriend will be in my prayers.:gopray:
God Bless.


Sometimes homesickness sets in before you leave, I will pray for him and ask that you come up with a little gift from home that he can take with him that will always remind him of home


Praying. :signofcross:


Thanks for the prayers and advice:) Our relationship is long distance so home for us is in different places, however, I will send him a little something to let him know that I care about him and remind him that no matter what, he’ll always have a best friend in me, despite the distance. I just don’t like to see him sad:(


Lord thanks for ALL YOU WILL DO FOR THIS YOUNG COLLEGE MAN AS HE NEEDS YOU URGENTLY . Father change his heart from sadness to joy and bring his heart close to your heart dear Jesus ! in your name - Thank you , amen . Our lord Jesus hears your heartfelt prayer and your words in caring for your boyfriend . The lord hears all our prayers for him and is blessing him . Do not worry . Thanks to our saviour Jesus ! amen . , John




Praying for your boyfriend…


Will keep your intentions in prayer…


In the Living Prayer of my life


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