Boy's mom sentenced for signing abortion permission

**DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – **A Hall County mother has been sentenced to a year in jail after taking desperate measures to keep her son’s teenage girlfriend from having his baby.

It is just so sad that this is going on. People who are in crisis need to know that there is so much more help out there…rather than scarring so many lives with an abortion and all that complicates it. I hope this family heals, and this young teen puts her baby up for adoption.

That is so sad. :frowning:

I’m glad she is having legal consequences for breaking the law to kill her grandchild, though. :mad: Abortion may be legal, but thankfully some justice can be served through this…

What is even sadder, is that boy learns nothing from this. He learns that mom will bail him out when he gets in trouble, (well now she’s in trouble) and he doesn’t learn that abortion is wrong.

I didn’t think that teens needed parental consent to have an abortion? If they do, at least we’re headed in the right direction…even if it is a slow process to making change. It is a sad story.:frowning:

I think it depends what state you live in. In my state, there are no parental consent laws.

I don’t think the teen needed consent in this case. Parental notification only requires that the parent know about the abortion.

Georgia requires one parent to be notified 24hrs. prior to abortion.

Wow. I am glad that they are putting her in jail for this. She deserves it. I wish that all people who either perform an abortion or get an abortion would be jailed and imprisoned for murder.

So, she didn’t have the abortion? :confused:

Well that part certainly isn’t clear, I hope the girl changed her mind and left. In any case, the boy’s mother pretended to be the girl’s mother and signed for the abortion, which needs one parental consent. That is what she is in jail for. (probably for making an illegal statement on a document or something). The girl’s parents didn’t know anything about it at the time. Could you imagine someone making a decision to have your grandchild aborted and not even caring that you would accept that baby and choose life for that child?

The article seems to indicate that she did have the abortion. It is only the OP’s comments that make it unclear.

The article says something about her interfering with custody also. (I suppose that means something to do with the fact that she claimed to be the girl’s mother though.) It would be even more horrid if someone did actually go through with it and actually does murder your grandchild.

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