Boys will be...girls?


Here’s something rather rotten from the State of Denmark. Its government yesterday unveiled official research showing that two-year-old children are at risk from a bewildering array of gender-bending chemicals in such everyday items as waterproof clothes, rubber boots, bed linen, food, nappies, sunscreen lotion and moisturising cream.
The 326-page report, published by the environment protection agency, is the latest piece in an increasingly alarming jigsaw. A picture is emerging of ubiquitous chemical contamination driving down sperm counts and feminising male children all over the developed world. And anti-pollution measures and regulations are falling far short of getting to grips with it.

	**Sperm counts are falling so fast that young men are less fertile than their fathers and produce only a third as much, proportionately, as hamsters. And gender-bending chemicals are increasingly being blamed for the mystery of the "lost boys": babies who should normally be male who have been born as girls instead.**

The Danish government set out to find out how much contamination from gender-bending chemicals a two-year-old child was exposed to every day. It concluded that a child could be “at critical risk” from just a few exposures to high levels of the substances, such as from rubber clogs, and imperilled by the amount it absorbed from sources ranging from food to sunscreens.
The results build on earlier studies showing that British children have higher levels of gender-bending chemicals in their blood than their parents or grandparents. Indeed WWF (formerly the World Wildlife Fund), which commissioned the older research, warned that the chemicals were so widespread that “there is very little, if anything, individuals can do to prevent contamination of themselves and their families.” Prominent among them are dioxins, PVC, flame retardants, phthalates (extensively used to soften plastics) and the now largely banned PCBs, one and a half million tons of which were used in countless products from paints to electrical equipment.
Young boys, like those in the Danish study, could end up producing less sperm and developing feminised behaviour. Research at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University found that boys whose mothers were exposed to PCBs and dioxins were more likely to play with dolls and tea sets and dress up in female clothes.
And it is in the womb that babies are most vulnerable; a study of umbilical cords from British mothers found that every one contained hazardous chemicals. Scientists at the University of Rochester in New York discovered that boys born to women exposed to phthalates had smaller penises and other feminisation of the genitals.
The contamination may also offer a clue to a mysterious shift in the sex of babies. Normally 106 boys are born for every 100 girls: it is thought to be nature’s way of making up for the fact that men were more likely to be killed hunting or in conflict. But the proportion of females is rising, so much so that some 250,000 babies who statistically should have been boys have ended up as girls in Japan and the United States alone. In Britain, the discrepancy amounts to thousands of babies a year.
A Canadian Indian community living on ancestral lands at the eastern tip of Lake Huron, hemmed in by one of the biggest agglomerations of chemical factories on earth, gives birth to twice as many girls as boys. It’s the same around Seveso in Italy, contaminated with dioxins from a notorious accident in the 1970s, and among Russian pesticide workers. And there’s more evidence from places as far apart as Israel and Taiwan, Brazil and the Arctic.
Yet gender-benders are largely exempt from new EU regulations controlling hazardous chemicals. Britain, then under Tony Blair’s premiership, was largely responsible for this – restricting their inclusion in the first draft of the legislation, and then causing even what was included to be watered down.Confidential documents show that it did so after pressure from George W Bush’s administration, which protested that US exports “could be impacted”.


What do you mean babies that should have been born boys are born girls? You mean genetically male children with female genitals or miscarriages of male children?


I understand your plight in wanting to have people aware of these problems. I have been hearing for some time the implications of these issues. Namely, in the news, classroom, and in the lecture halls about not just what you mentioned, but also the inability to fully filter out artificial birth control out of the water system AND the current impossibility of fully filtering out female estrogen, both natural and hormonal replacement.

I was aware of this about 15 years ago, where the joke was becoming that Italy had more Italian out of the country, than in it. This is a great example of a country that has low marriage rates, and when and if they marry, have low/no birthrates. It has been the lead in countries having lower populations, and they were warning us then, but for some reason this is not becoming too serious or universal an issue.


I went to a Theology Uncorked lecture in my town, and the guest speaker was the founder of Project Rachel, Vicki Thorn. She is a mother of six, and grandmother of ONLY one. Hm, figure that one out. Initially she brought forth more evidence that so much of the extracted estrogen in the waters of the Pacific is producing many hermaphrodite fish (mainly male fish containing female reproduction parts). She said that experts, medicine, and professionals predict that 50% of all men will be sterile in 10 years by the ages of 20-25. As much of a fear tactic as I thought that was at the time, Unfortunately, something is true about it, as I have many women acquaintances who are having constant miscarriages and past bad choices that plague them now, I can say as a single in the midst of 60%(roughly 10 couples) of married friends, only one has a two kids, and struggling in the reproduction area herself. The rest have similar problems that come close to Monica/Chandler issues (from the “Friends” show). Chandler’s very low sperm count, in conjuction with Monica’s inhospitable environment give impossible opportunity for them to naturally conceive. Now I am not a doctor, this is just a true-life observation. Everyone is different, the Monica and Chandler characters adopted in the end of the series. Most of my friends are looking toward invitro and medicine to help them. I can’t seem to get through to many people about it. So perhaps, us, all together, we have to give it a try.


On a last note, I really thought I would be called to a vocation to singlehood, but at the cathedrals young adult mass last weekend, the pastor said, “Don’t worry about the clerics now. We need more marriage vocations, we need more Catholics!” From a place in my childhood where I thought being single would be ok, because everyone else would have kids, I thought we would have overcrowding problems, never did I think I would have to help repopulate the church. Wow, what an eye opener. My mother’s town in Italy is 70% empty and it used to be crowded with children! My neighborhood in Chicago, used to have a lot of kids playing, and now it is all retired people who are alone, crying in the alley as the walk to the store, missing their old life, wondering where their kids are, or widows mourning their spouse (literally 22 years after they have past). So we are constantly told to check in on the older neighbors on the local news because society looks lowly on people who live, work, pay, and help their parents (It always gets mistaken for sponging off parents, which could be the case, but no one can be privy to suspicion). This has never been so in the Catholic church. Continuing to keep the family unit intact is essential…, this societal need for us to break off and go further from family is unacceptable.

Sorry for getting off topic.


My understanding is that among humans, the thinking is that many boys are being miscarried, resulting in strange population statistics. There is a Native reserve in Northern Ontario with a huge discrepancy like this, in an area with a lot of industrial chemical use.

But, among many wildlife species many hermaphrodites are being observed, and they are infertile. There is no reason to think these same kind of chemicals will not have effects on humans.

The stuff is everywhere though. There have been recent moves to get it out of baby bottles, but the kinds of plastics involved are still used to line tin cans and make toys and other things.


That’s insane! I was looking at special victims unit tv show the other night, and there was a little boy whom thought and felt like a little girl…My fiance asked me if that was something that could happen and I told him that now-a-days I have been reading of it even more, and I told him that these people were not GAY they were just in the wrong bodies…He asked how that could be possible and the show explained the differences in reproduction how it can give a child the brain, heart and feelings of a woman but make the wrong body a deficiency in the genes…or some malfunction in the formation… some scientists believe that the child should have been a twin a boy and a girl and somewhere down the division they just got together and formed a she/he…

It’s crazy! :frowning: I don’t know how things like these could happen??? Nor why???

Here where I live is the city of factories and lots of producing chemicals… Every woman I have heard of whom has tried to conceive or has been pregnant here at my job, I have known of about 10, out of these women only 4 were able to give birth to a healthy baby, the rest had still births, miscarriages, and major complications that caused a dead baby… It has been terrible…And then when I was told I wouldn’t be able to have children it well you know made things even more sad for me…But then I found out I am pg and its’ like THANK GOD but I am terrified! I am only now going on 6 weeks, and I know these are the most difficult times with all these women losing babies around me it terrifies me!

I have heard of about 20 other women from friends of theirs and coworkers whom have said that more than half of these women have been trying without success, and the other half have miscarriages and no babies!

This is scary!

There was a movie out a year or two ago about how women became infertile and there were no longer any children around, and one day they found the only woman whom was able to conceive…and they needed her to see how she was able to be fertile and no one else was…to save humanity! What if this happens? And no one is able to have children anymore? What will happen to humanity?

More and more couples don’t want children and are doing everything possible to not have any…Then later on in their late 30s early 40s are complaining and blaming GOD for not giving them kids…:shrug: ???

And now girls born as boys and boys born as girls? How in the world is this possible? That’s just scary!! :frowning: What does our future hold if every child might run the risk of needing medication to be whom they are when they are what they are? GOD help us!!!




Dont you think it is one thing when you learn about it in school or books, but to actually observe it? UGH! I feel that government or medicine knows already, but do not want to reap the consequences. I mean they do surveys all the time…, medical records are all electronric, it only takes some organization and the press of the buttons to inform people, I mean why (other than greed and law suits) are these issues not being brought to light?


It’s true that chemicals can affect hormonal balance and they can even send it out the window, but comparing fertility levels between young men and male hamsters didn’t strike me as perfectly serious lab science. :wink:


Was the film called “Children of Men” with Clive Owen and Julianne Moore?

More and more kids born with things like ADHD, aspergers, and autism. I mean, come on, where was this stuff 25 years ago?


It’s super scary!! :frowning: I don’t know how to react to it you know? And that’s pretty much your answer greed and lawsuits are the only reasons they are even brought up…

I think it’s a way of doing population control…you know?!


yes I think that’s what it was called… it was a pretty interesting movie made me think a lot about where things are going…One city in Canada a couple of years ago I forgot which one was begging for people with young children to move there because all the babies werew elders or in their 30s unwilling to procreate! Many families were interviewed and they would give answers such as “we like our alone time, we like our we time, we like our lifestyle!” They were unwilling to invite life in their lives! That’s pretty sad!!! :frowning:


This stuff really freaks me out. It’s all kinds of stuff we don’t, as a society, want to acknowledge … one of the big causes of hermaphroditic fish in the Potomac is birth-control pills (!!). The hormones in them are not filtered out of the treated sewage. Some other meds can cause hormonal issues, which doctors don’t divulge (because they may not even know about it).
We are keeping plastic toys away from our future children … we’re also investing in organic mattresses, etc. that don’t contain the same flame-retardant chemicals. We are trying hard to be pro-active about keeping chemicals away from us and out of our house. For example: we have given up buying ready-made cleaning products, and now make our own out of vinegar, Borax, and various other non-toxic stuff (It’s also much cheaper :)). We’re going to use cloth diapers, too. So there ARE things you can try to stay a little safer.


Makes you wonder, very telling article from two years ago:


I think it must be true that there is something in the environment that is causing not only ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, and other learning disabilities, but also some very strange issues with gender among our kids (I don’t even dare mention some of the things I’ve seen kids do; nobody would believe it), and also, so many allergies that never existed before.


here’s the articles in total:

It seems as if his views are already successfully put into action.


Probably the way we are reacting now. Apalled, with good reason. This could be the next plight to the white house steps.

Not just population control, but yeah population obliteration. I know what you mean by the yuppies choosing to not want children. THAT is universally known as being selfish, if they can’t get over themselves, they will not be fit for marriage or parenthood, I say. You give of yourself to your spouse and children selflessly, I don’t think I have to lecture anyone on this site who has experienced or read or witnessed the reverse.

There are tons of improprieties in health care…, I am too busy right now to list them. It is bad though. One example is how for the last 10 years since the gastric bypass craze, they found a surgery that completely eliminates type II diabetes(literally right after surgery, most people are off all their diabetic medication), but because there is medication that can maintain it (even if people still can’t manage to control it), there is no need to get the surgery or make a surgery that is specifically geared to bypass only the duodenum and not touch the stomach. Money over matter, sickening! Drug companies make big money on Diabetes, suppose it doesn’t matter if you lose a limb or two in the process. It is only your own fault(not the doctor’s) if you are lucid enough to take medication and forget every so often.


Some things I personally suspect (with no concrete evidence mind you…but still:p)

birth control pills,both in the water supply and the effects of the hormones on developing babies if mom has a history of taking them

overly used ultrasounds

excessive sexual visual stimulus (TV, movies, video games…there ARE good studies on this)


excessively high grain consumption and poor nutrition coupled with excessive omega 6 oil consumption (also a lot of studies about this one)

the power of political and cultural influences in the experience of the young child and the effect is has on brain development.

the fact that some epidemics aren’t really, they are just touted as such (for political gain).


Nope I believe every word of it! Parts that make up the evil whole, in this case.

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