Br. Nathaniel?

A friend of mine (an elderly Catholic priest), recently gave to me a DVD of a documentary presented by a fellow called Br Nathaniel, an American but some kind of orthodox religious.

Anyway, the substance of it was that Putin was doing great things for Christians in Russia, and opposing things like SSM, etc. There was footage of a speech of Putin to Russian Bishops, and he did really seem to be highly religious, and was saying that the Church was the heart of Russia, etc (or things to that effect).

The other thing this fellow said was that ISIS was had actually be started by the CIA, as a way to de-stabilize the government of Syria, but then had got out of control. There were various quotes from people (former US politicians and officials), which seemed to be discussing such a plan…

Does anyone know anything about this Br. Nathaniel?

He seems a little eccentric, but well informed.

He’s considered extremely fringe. I don’t think he’s recognized as Orthodox by the Orthodox, and definitely not as a monk. He’s been in and out of several protestant and non-canonical “Orthodox” communities, before attaching himself to ROCOR and subsequently being kicked out of a ROCOR monastery.

Regarding his status:

a July 19, 2013 statement from Chancery of the Synod of Bishops of the ROCOR declares that Kapner has no relation to the ROCOR diocese in which he lives and that his “actions … do not have the blessing of the Synod of Bishops.” The statement further urges him to cease his activity on the internet and to repent. The statement was signed by Archbishop Kyrill, who is the ruling hierarch of the diocese in which Kapner lives. In a forum post, a person claiming to be Kapner insisted that the person who gave this declaration was “blackmailed for alleged homosexual activity”.

That’s good to know. Right or wrong, he certainly did not act much like a monk (who are not normally in the business of making documentaries, or expressing outspoken opinions)!

I do not doubt this one bit, just one look into how sinister the whole ‘fast and furious’ scandal turned out to be proved to me that Govt scheming knows no bounds.

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