Brad and Angelina Jolie Pitt Divorce: A Timeline of Their Love


They were married a little over two years, and strident spokespeople for “marriage equality”. Is this what they think everyone should have? How long is two Hollywood years in normal people years? They have six children, including both adopted and and biologically theirs together. Is this the example they want for everyone’s children?


Sometimes marriages don’t work out but something tells me they will still be able to provide very well for their children.


Financially, sure. And I love money as much as the next bloke, most likely more. And it’s all good. For the rest, I would not bet too much on it. ‘’ course i could be mistaken.

Tangentially I have never understood what the fuss was about Angelina’s supposed outworldly beauty. Unless a man is into pale-skinned, banjo-eyed, tall, slim woman whose measurements are NOT 36-24-36 but rather 33-30-28.


I don’t think comments on Angelina’s or anyone’s appearance is germane to this conversation, or ever, really.


Not sure what their support of SSM has to do with anything.

Anyways, Hollywood marriages often fail, though they’ve been together for 10 years (married 2). But given that 40% of marriages makes 2 years it seems they are slightly above average if you give the pre marriage years some credit.


I agree about the LGBTQ marriage equality issue, what on earth does that have to do with their marriage ending? :shrug:


I’m wondering…why does anyone think it’s their business? or newsworthy?


When I was younger, I used to think, 'Ugh! Why is this news?! Why do we need to hear about this stuff when there are terrorist attacks, flooding, police shootings, etc., happening right now?" But even Hollywood divorces make me sad now to hear of them. It’s like a little death.


You’re too sensitive dear one. :wink:




Both self-obsessed people who think they are something of importance in this world! :thinking:


My first thought was: who cares? I don’t.


Yep!!! My thought exactly.


As a child of divorce, I do feel badly for the children.


I generally hate/avoid celebrity gossip-type stuff, but in this particular instance, I find this story both interesting and surpising. Thanks for posting, Trader. :slight_smile: Even though I suppose this will eventually overshadow the Presidential elections and terrorist attacks and other minor news events, I actually probably wouldn’t have heard about this. Anyway, it’s a sad story to me; I hate to hear about people’s children being scared or unhappy. Oh, and also, I must say that I agree 100% with what Bruised Reed said.





I ran into a friend today and congratulated her on recently celebrating her 24th wedding anniversary. Since my husband and I will celebrate our 20th this December, I also told her how wonderful it was to congratulate a couple who has been married longer than we have – and I noted there weren’t many around us who fit that bill. Lifelong marriages are a dying art. I don’t really care about Angelina and Brad but divorce is just…awful.


If it weren’t for their appearance, this would not even be news.


When you don’t understand what marriage is, your chances of being successful at it are pretty slim. Also, living together before marriage is a predictor of failure, not success. Practicing living without a commitment leads to more living without commitment.

Because these people are famous and rich many people will want to emulate them. We have more than enough of this value system already.


That was my thought also.

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