Brad Pitt and Atheist Evangelism

I thought this article was interesting:

So for the second time in about as many weeks, I’m hearing from Brad Pitt on religion. First, there was the absurd, “Eighty percent agnostic, twenty percent atheist” comment, and now he jokes that he’s running on the “no religion” platform in the New Orleans mayoral race. The leap from being atheist to being against religion fascinates me.

Why can’t you simply not believe in God? Surely atheism can exist without a hatred of religion. It’s particularly disturbing that the disdain atheistic non-religionistas have for religion is pretty much limited to Christianity – from my experience. I knew an atheist who was offended when someone at work played a CD by Christian rock band “Third Day.”

But I can sympathize to a degree, after all my son believes in this nut that dresses in a red outfit, is friendly with reindeer, and gives kids presents. Crazy, I know, but my kid runs around singing about this obese clown coming to town, or some nonsense — and IT JUST OFFENDS THE **** OUT OF ME!!!

Look, I get it. Religion can be intrusive. Christians of the right-wing variety block entrepreneurs from opening strip clubs and from selling beer on Sunday. They frown on dancing, and on standing-up sex, because somebody might think you’re dancing (I stole that joke from Lewis Grizzard, I know). Dana Carvey’s Church Lady character is funny because it rings true.

But none of this justifies the leap. Brad Pitt may run for mayor. And say the no religion thing isn’t a joke – it is a joke, but say it isn’t – what’s going to happen to charity in New Orleans? Pitt’s all about charity – he’s almost a Republican in that regard – but is he saying as Mayor he won’t work with the local churches? When atheist anti-religionistas complain about religious influence, they never point out the good things religious institutions do for society.

Similarly, many atheists, when pressed, use Doughboy logic to defend atheism. I even heard one, on evil talk radio, ask, “if there was a God, why did he let 9/11 happen?” And I’m not talking about a wacky caller, this was the guest, a spokesman for American Atheists, or some group like that. Why do they have groups? Atheists really conduse me, I gotta say. She went on to offer, “If there was a God, he’s got a lot to answer for!” So because there is evil in the world, there can’t be a God? To this particular atheist/secular humanist, and to about 75% of the ones I’ve talked to, the good in the world exists because of people.

I think my problem with atheists is the same problem they have with religion. Believe or don’t believe what you want to believe of not believe, but don’t impose it on everyone else. The fact that both believers and non-believers alike do this says more about people than it does about God. I suppose not all atheists want to convert the opiated masses; maybe it’s just the ones I talk to. Like the guy who, upon learning of my Christianity, implored me to read Christopher Hitchens’ “God is Not Great.” Turn that around, and I’m a Bible-thumper, y’know? Imposing my views. Nothing amuses me quite like Atheist Evangelism.

He’s a wierdo…

I guess we should all say a prayer for Brad Pitt for his conversion. Too bad he feel that way since he seems such a likeable person. Hollywood needs more catholic actors and actresses to bring the gospel to a decadent place.
He does realise that New Orleans is like 95% Catholic and the rest are Baptists. He’s not gonna win in terms of his “religion” or lack thereof but, because he’s a popular actor if he does.

I heard Brad Pitt saying that on tv. It was my impression that he was saying it rather jokingly, he wasn’t acting in a serious manner when he said it.
I know Angelina is atheist, but she isn’t against religion. I read an interview she gave where she said one day if she is in the right place in life religion might be something for her, and that she is happy for people who have that belief.
I think the above article is really making too much out of his comments. I think they were meant in jest.

Brad Pitt is a clown. His ‘domestic partner’ is a clown as well. About as biblical as they can get is trying to adopt all nationalities of children like the world is about to flood, while building an arc.

Of course he’d win a political race. Look at Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.
If Miley Cyrus could run for president at age 18, it probably would (but can’t, minimum age is 35).

There was a quote from St. Pio some decades ago. He said ‘The devil is in the cinema’. You got that right. Hollywood is full to overflowing with evil people. And some of those claim religious affiliations.


I either change the channel or turn off the TV.

Hollywood interviews; talk shows; “reality” shows; MTV; VH1; court shows; police chases;shock shows etc etc etc. These are on my list of Trash TV and I simply don’t watch.

What else is there you say?

Discovery channel; EWTN; CNN; Survivorman; Bear Grylls; how to shows; History channel…along these lines.

If I get to the point where there is nothing…I turn it off and go read a good book or do something else.

Don’t expose yourselves to the (self-imposed) torture and evil influence of trash TV.

He was joking. He is not running for Mayor, it is a joke, some residents of N.O. printed up t-shirts and bumper stickers with “Brad Pitt for Mayor” because he has done so much for the city Post-Katrina. His statement was sarcastic, that he could never be elected BECAUSE he is not religious, is pro Gay Marriage, etc. His joke is acknowledges that he is un-electable because of his views. I’m not sure about being “Anti-Religion.” Did he say he is against Religion, or just not religious himself? Big difference there.

That said, the statement of 80% atheist, 20% agnostic is just dumb. If you are even 1% “Not sure”, then you are not an atheist, right? Aren’t Atheists SURE there is no God?

And I don’t think Atheists have a corner on the market of Righteous Indignation or pushing their views on others. Just my opinion.

I agree; I came in late on the interview so am not sure of the context, though sounds like typical clown tripe…

First of all, nobody can get elected Dog Catcher in this country without religion. I remember when the first Muslim Congress member was elected, I knew people who said “at least he’s not an atheist!!”

Secondly, I have friends who are atheists and they are not in any way, shape, manner or form hostile to religion. What they are hostile to is religious people who want to codify their particular religious beliefs into civil law, and force everyone to believe as they do-and I’m with them there.

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