Brady Bunch house is on the market


Link here.

I couldn’t resist posting this to the ‘popular media’ subforum. Imagine living in the Brady’s house!


$1.885 million. :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

Crimeny, I am glad I live in the “middle”…

But I would LOVE to have that house!!


Cute house, but I sure wouldn’t pay almost 2 million for that house, or any house. I would live in a tiny house, a mobile home, or an RV before I’d spend that kind of money on one house.


Well what if I threw in a perky uniformed maid?


I wonder how much of the value is derived from the history…


Location, location, location!
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!


A maid would be my dream come true. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Too rich for me!


I never really cared for the 1970s multilevel style homes. I don’t like walking up steps from room to room.


How do you feel about kitchens styled in orange and green?


Sorry, I double-checked, she’s a perky, uninformed maid.




That is actually the one thing I don’t want.

I’m like a dog. I don’t like people touching my stuff. LOL.


Ah, the era of the split level. And how they thought a step was a great break from room A to room B.


Haha, I love split-levels. I’ve learned how much I hate an open floor plan. With little and big kids, it gets too noisy. There’s nowhere to go for some peace and quiet or a private place away from the main activity. I’d like my next house to have more of the traditional set-up of separate rooms.

About the maids and touching stuff…if someone else wants to come and clean my toilet, mop my floors, and pick up my stuff, more power to them!! :laughing:


I can’t stand a non-open plan. Our house in SC is mostly open - but with the big bedrooms it’s easy to get out of the way, and there’s a bonus room as well.

A maid could clean my toilets and my kitchen - but I don’t want them touching my personal items. And after reading an article done undercover, so to speak, on cleaning services…gross. I’ll pass. (Though I know a resident housekeeper would be different.)


I think these split level homes started in the 60s…I live in a tri-level (built in the early 60s)…pure hell at times…ugh!


The value goes down for me knowing that it might be on some famous places tour.


The exterior is very nice. Nice yard. I like it. The show was not actually filmed inside the house. Just the exterior was used. As I recall, the TV show had only one upstairs bathroom with two entries, shared by all six kids, so the bathroom could be accessed from both the boy’s room and the girl’s room. I didn’t like that at all. Too many opportunities for an “Ooops!” moment.


It is gorgeous though…I would love to live there!

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