Brain Transplant

I have heard that a brain transplant has been successfully done on lower animals, and that a human brain transplant may be done as soon as 2018.

So I suppose the main question is: if a successful brain transplant in humans is possible and were to occur, who would be who?
If Gabriela has Dave’s brain, is she still Gabriela or Dave?

It’s Dave. Gabriella’s gone and she has lost her body to a male.

Dear Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world. Just because something can be done does NOT mean it SHOULD be done.


But how would that relate to Catholic understanding of the soul? Not a ghost in a machine but the soul and body are interconnected.

Don’t hold your breath for human brain transplants.


So i guess my dream of having my brain put into the body of a chimpanzee is out of the qeustion?

I don’t have an answer for that, but i have the feeling that the church doesn’t mean it exactly as how your are thinking it. They mean it in a very general sense. The soul and body is interconnected functionally speaking, but it may not matter whose body you have.

If you’re thinking about this guy, there hasn’t been any successful brain transplants and I’m betting there never will be.

That reminds me of Donovan’s Brain, a 1950 sci-fi shocker by Curt Siodmak. Nancy Reagan starred in the movie.

Hopefully he doesn’t get the chance to try.

But the concept is interesting.
Consider transplants nowadays.
People sometimes get feelings or I think even memories and stuff from transplanting an organ (which is interesting to say the least) from their donor.

Walking around in someone’s body is weird, and i suspect disordered.

Dave would have Gabriela’s donor body. Gabriela will have died.

The moral implications are no different than any postmortem organ donor arrangement. Extra care may need to be taken to ensure that the donor giving their bodied died naturally prior to the donation.

Possibly indicative of something off with my brain, but initially I read this thread title as “Brian transplant.”

Which in turn spurred such thoughts as, “Oh, Brian who?” and “Going to St. Louis or Denver?”

Also, explain to me how it’s possible humans could transplant brains and still don’t have flying cars yet?



Got a link

There was a time when scientists were busy doing controlled experiments ‘changing’ animals incrementally to create new species and therefore prove Darwin’s theory. Mostly birds. Well, after a series of changes the bird would not change into something else but die or come back to its original version. You never read about it anymore because they stopped trying.
My guess is this new experimentation will have the same fate, even if they get past the bioethical issues.

Have you got a link too?

2018 huh? I’ll believe it when I see it.

There are 9 months left…

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I’d consider it, but please don’t put me in the body of an eagle. They are so conceited and brutish. It would really throw the order of the universe out of whack, were that to happen.


How about a thylacine, you can wander the bush and elude trail cams. But streak across farms when old farmers are doing an early morning feed run so they can be stunned

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