Brainstorming comments and thoughts requested for a tv show

Hello Loved ones,

I work for a local Catholic TV Station, and recently I have given a proposal for a show that has been selected for production.

Hopefully I will get to produce the show.

The show takes place in the Outdoors
If you have any (Brainstorming) comments or thoughts about the show would you please just say what you think about the general idea.

Thank you
Have fun!!!

I don’t understand. What is the show about? The Outdoors? or does it simply take place outdoors? Is it about faith? I’m not really getting the gist if it at all.

Sorry, I just don’t understand what you are asking us to brainstorm. Perhaps I’m just not cut out for TV stuff… :frowning:

I would like to help, though.

I would have to agree with the previous comment. Outdoors is not enough to go on. It is a comedy, drama, etc. Religion first or secular with strong religious content…

Sounds like a reality tv show.

LOL. If it’s a local Catholic TV station, I’m going to take a guess that they want a documentary/low-budget type of thing?

You can make a documentary on outdoor shrines.

But, the first thing I thought of when I saw the words, “Catholic” and “outdoors,” was a game show of horseshoes involving throwing rosaries. I know, bad idea. :rotfl:

All of your thoughts are excellent…

How this works is…

I give the word Outdoors and then anything you can think of related to that word is brainstorming.
Such as …Trees, grass, leaves, wind, hiking, bugs, horse shoes,etc…
(basically anything you can think of when you think of the word outdoors there is no wrong answer)

I am considering this because it is a creative way to develop different interesting ideas that I may have never thought of otherwise,
then if I can maybe I will use it in the show.

Such as one person may Brainstorm the idea…“chicken” or whatever then thats a thought.
Maybe someone else Brainstorms the idea…“egg” then thats another thought
Then maybe someone else Brainstorms the idea…“race” etc…

It really doesn’t have to make sense at first, after you have enough Brainstorming ideas you can put them together and it can help to develop bigger ideas.

It doesn’t really matter what type of show it is for this purpose because by me telling you that it may just limit your thoughts of Brainstorming.

Thanks and if you have more questions I will try to answer as well as possible

Edmund O.

Outdoors, brings to mind my laughing grandchildren, sprinklers, water slides, water pistols, hoses, warm sand, searching for seashells, feeding ducks or seagulls (seagulls are such gluttons), watching the sunset or the sunrise, lightening bugs, mud pies, splashing in mud puddles, minnows/gold fish in ponds and frogs in ditches.

That is Beautiful

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