Brand New Rosary Beads


Gave my green rosary beads away this year -
to a dude name Patrick - who was born on Saint Patrick’s day -
He got into a car accident - was fine - but I gave him these cool rosary beads -

Anyways - I bought a new pair - brighter green - had them blessed by my Pastor -
From Shanghai China -
The one thing that struck me was how the beads were so cold - and not used -
I do think we put a lot of good vibes into our rosary beads - after a good amount of time -

I saw a old pair of rosary beads on sale on Ebay - from 1934 -
I thought it’d be cool to buy them -
because they had so much usage -

Any thoughts - concerning all this ?


I don’t know about “vibes”, but I do appreciate the used appearance of a rosary because I know it’s been used and that’s a good thing. It is also cool, in my opinion, to use religious items that have been passed down through generations. My mother has the Bible her mother used, and I think that makes it special. Her mother’s obituary is inside it.

I have a set of rosay beads that appear pretty used. In reality, they were just poorly made. I have had to glue the links together, and the chains look rusty instead of the gold they came with. The pink beads are losing a lot of their pink. I like these beads for the used appearance, though I did just buy a new rosary from Rugged Rosaries because I’d prefer to use one that I know won’t break in the middle of using it. :slight_smile:


I use an old rosary too, I bought it secondhand. I did wonder about it, whether it had any ‘vibes’ in it from the previous owner but I had it blessed and I haven’t been aware of any problems with it. Maybe the opposite. I like it for its age.


For me it’s a personal thing. I don’t think someone’s used rosary would mean much to me but the ones I’ve used a lot, even my rather modest first one I got out of a basket for free means a lot to me. Sort of like a family photo. It reminds me of the times Mary and I shared I guess.


I have my Mom’s Rosary. I like to use it; it reminds me of her, and when my Dad gave it to her. It’s kind of like my copy of the Liturgy of the Hours. I bought it used on eBay. At first I was unhappy that the previous owner had underlined and annotated certain psalms. Now I enjoy seeing his notes - they add to my reflection.


My thoughts are: why can’t someone make a rosary (besides the ones made from small diameter rope) that do not Fall apart in my pocket!!! This has been an issue for years with me. Yea, my pocket knife and keys are also there, but I have so many broken rosaries.

Sorry for hijacking thread with rant.


Try Rugged Rosaries.


Never heard of them, but they look cool. So much for feeling any guilt about my post, thanks for the tip!!!


I don’t know if there are vibes in the beads but I think it’s cool to ponder how someone else may have used it. Did they share peaceful moments with Mary with it? Did they pray in the hopes of something for someone? Did they use it to comfort them through the prayers?

I don’t think any of my Rosaries have been used by someone else but I don’t know!


They are very strong, from what I’ve heard. I have an Auto Rosary from them that is hanging on my rear view mirror which I don’t use for prayer and the Peace Be With You rosary they sell, but that one is made in Korea. I hope the Peace Be With You rosary stands the test of time like their handmade rosaries.


I have had to repair several rosaries from pocket carry. I try to use a case. Most cases are too large and take up a of space. I did manage to find a small leather pouch from Amazon that is perfect size for all my rosaries. There is never any damage.


You can re-make your rosary, or make a new rosary, with a technique called “Wire Wrap”. This makes a traditional rosary, with beads and metal, but it is very very durable.

The technique is not difficult, you can learn it from You Tube videos!

Also agree that a little case will protect your rosary beads, be they in pocket or purse. I crochet little drawstring pouches for rosaries.


I’ve been doing those for a while. I feel like I should start selling to CAFers.


I was more thinking about - a certain holiness - that’s been put there - by our many hours of using the beads.
People talk about Saint relics - items they touched or used - and now are considered - ‘anti-devil’ - in power.
Do we, as average people, leave…holiness…on such items…as a rosary - that’s been well used.
Or are they simply, like the bible, something we use - for a certain purpose.

PS - please don’t quote me.


Change purses that they give away at various job fairs, etc. work very well too.


I don’t believe any holiness is left on a used rosary by the former owner. Holiness is not something that rubs off. Relics are a different thing entirely.


People used to carry their rosaries in little pouches, to keep the rosary in their pocket protected. I crocheted a simple little pouch (using a fine thread) for my oldest rosary which is a dainty little thing.

My grandma made one out of fabric, hand sewn with tiny little stitches. My mom had one that was made of tiny silver pieces, like chain mail to protect her rosary.

I highly recommend it.


People are often buried with rosaries entwined on their hands so that explains to me why there aren’t many old ones around. Local parish has a box of rosaries in various colors, plastic beads with nylon cords. Very durable.

Someone set out a leaded glass rosary in a box that indicated it was purchased in Rome. I couldn’t pass it by.

I think men should use very beautiful rosaries as well as women. Hate to see them as simply fashion accessories.



One must be careful to use a used or an old rosary,have a background check to know its source or origin ,like reliquary or it would be a blessing or the adverse affect of the opposite would happen,a bit of caution though!


Not holiness for me, but, I do love to rescue, repair/clean then either adopt or re-home old rosaries. When you hold a fine rosary, with sterling silver parts where the crucifix is worn and contoured to the shape of your finger, I think of all the prayers that have been pushed on those beads. I feel part of the entire mystical body of Christ in a special way with an old rosary.

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