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I have a friend who was catholic the last time I was with him. Now I heard from him that he left the Church and has become a follower of William M. Branham. I need help to show him more truth of our Faith and the Faith he left before informing himself in it enough.

Is there anyone who is a convert from branhamism? Or is there an catholic web site which deal with branhamism?

Thank you for your help

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Some quick research renders this:

William Branham was a protestant fundamentalist who has been credited with various prophesies and visions, supposedly from God. He claimed to preach the true Christian faith, and his followers today consider all Branham’s teachings to be inspired by God and to be infallible interpretations of Holy Scripture.

He rejected Trinitarianism (though he seems to have accepted it early on), and accused Catholicism of teaching the existance of three Gods in the Nicene Creed. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not three distinct persons in Branham’s teachings, but three incarnations God. He also taught that Eve had sexual intercourse with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, and therefore humans are descended from Satan.

Branham was involved in various occult practices, including astrology. He claimed that God created three sets of scripture- the Zodiac, the Great Pyramid, and the King James Bible.

He seems like just another radical protestant fundamentalist with a spiritualist flavor.


thanks Caesar for your information.

God bless


Good luck bringing your friend back to the Catholic faith. I’ll say a prayer for your cause.


Hello I am renewing this thread because I am currently in debate with a friend of mine who very indoctrinated in the teachings of Branham. We have been close friends for awhile and I’m finding myself getting stuck with not being able to answer some of her questions. It tends to be a barrage of questions from both side and i think we overwhelm each-other. Anyways she believe STRICTLY in Sola Scriptura and believes history plays no part in having faith. She says history goes AGAINST the bible. If its not in the bible then its wrong. Here is some of the things she talks about:

  1. The trinity is wrong
  2. Jesus never drank wine at the last supper. Unfermented. She then goes to tell me that drinking at all is against the bible.
  3. Pre Tib Rapture is is how the world will end.
  4. Priests and Nuns dedicating their lives to God and being celibate is wrong. She says we are not allowed to decide what right for our life. (she cites 1 Tim 4:1-3 that the bible foretold of forbidding people to marry )
  5. Being that the trinity is wrong, therefore the way we baptize is wrong. (along with everyone else)
  6. Of course, the infamous Catholics WORSHIPING Mary.
  7. Getting a lot of education is bad because it keeps you from God.

The list goes on and on. Even when i bring up history and another way of looking at things she just keeps getting upset and tells me that the Catholic Faith is wrong and does not follow the bible. They just make up everything as they go along. Anyways, my intention is not to convert for i know God will show her the way, but i just wanted to make sure she’s clear on some of the things she THINKS is wrong about the Faith. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please pray for her!


I don’t know where you got that idea, but Branham absolutely was NOT a fundamentalist. He was on the fringes of pentecostalism.

who has been credited with various prophesies and visions, supposedly from God.

That should have been your first clue that he was not a fundamentalist. Fundamentalists do not believe in extra-Biblical revelation.

He rejected Trinitarianism

Which also shows that he was no fundamentalist. Fundamentalism strongly affirms the Trinity.

He seems like just another radical protestant fundamentalist with a spiritualist flavor.

And you seem like just another Catholic bent on demonizing fundamenalists by dishonestly associating us with heretics like Branham,


By the baptism, he was Baptist. But he often had not the Baptist belief.

He teached good doctrins like the divinity of Jesus or anti-denominationalism, but also heretic doctrins.


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